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Ricoh Caplio R2 Camera review | Camera
The Ricoh Caplio R2 features a beautiful, neatly designed modern housing. The silver coloured housing consists of two colours, mat silver and shiny silver. A nice detail is the brushed front of the aluminium housing which gives the camera a neat and nicely finished appearance. The camera has a compact size, only 25mm thin, and its breadth looks broader than it actually is, because of the tiny height of the camera. The 4.8x optical zoom lens is hidden behind a large sleek disk. The camera's efficient design shows its quality. The R1 lies comfortably in your hand and the small handgrip gives you the necessary grip on the camera. The handgrip also functions as on/off switch. A lot has changed concerning the buttons on the back of the camera compared to its predecessor the Ricoh Caplio R1. The latter one contained a limited number of large sized buttons, where as the Ricoh R2 is equipped with extra buttons and their size has shrunk enormously. They surely had to shrink due to the large size of the monitor. But still the small buttons are easy to operate, no fussing about with them.
Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera
Ricoh R2 camera – 4.8x Optical zoom
The front of the Ricoh Caplio R2 is almost identical to that of its predecessor, the Caplio R1, with the exception of the optical viewfinder which is lacking on the Caplio R2. The brushed front of the camera looks impressive. The large internal lens slide implies a lot of optical power behind it. The fact that a 4.8x optical zoom extends from this 25mm flat camera is a welcoming feature. Right underneath a small microphone is positioned. In the centre, above the optical zoom we find the large auto focus screen with next to it the internal flash. On top of the Ricoh Caplio R2, the release button is placed on a spot where it's very much present, you can't miss it!

Ricoh Caplio R2 camera - Combined compartment
The housing feels solid. The R2 has a beautiful finishing touch with rounded off edges. The side of the camera contains a combined compartment, not only the battery fits in here and surprisingly enough the Lithium-Ion battery has to be inserted horizontally. The same compartment also offers room to the Secure Digital memory card. Besides that the Ricoh R2 also features an internal memory of 28MB, which is double the size we usually find. The compartment's cover is rather simple but effective. The Lithium-Ion battery can only be inserted into the compartment in one way. The cover won't open completely so the battery doesn't come falling out. Below the cover a non-covered group of interfaces is placed, the USB 1.1 and A/V out. The bottom of the Ricoh Caplio R2 is equipped with a universal (metal) tripod connection, almost placed in the centre and in the corner we also find a speaker.
Ricoh Caplio R2 digital camera - Large LCD Monitor
The back of the Ricoh Caplio R2 is dominated by the 2.5 inch large format monitor. I have to admit that working with such a large sized monitor enhances the digital experience. Deciding a composition, rendition of the captured pictures and also the rendition of the menu; it all shows to better advantage. Eliminating the optical viewfinder to achieve this, is not a loss. Next to the monitor we find a vertical row of small sized buttons. Despite their size they can be operated quickly and smoothly. The button that lets the user make a choice between record, play or sound recording is an outsider. A button like this is hardly ever found on a digital camera. It is a small button that can be slid aside and the apparent click and stop when switching makes choosing easily and obviously. The multi control button functions as we'd expect. The different functions underneath the same button can be accessed directly and clearly.

Ricoh R2 digital camera - Easily and Fast
The Ricoh Caplio R2 is built soundly. The camera feels solid. The handgrip is clearly present and offers stability. The housing is neatly finished with beautifully rounded-off edges. Ergonomically the R2 is great, and you will hear no comments from our side. The application of the large size monitor is warmly welcomed. Ricoh brings a digital camera on the market that can be operated easily and fast. If you activate the camera, and you can't be bothered to read the manual, you still won't encounter any problems handling the Ricoh Caplio R2.
Ricoh Caplio R2 Ricoh Caplio R2
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