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Ricoh Caplio R2 Digital camera review | Introduction
Ricoh Caplio R2 digital camera introduction : Ricoh enhanced their series of Caplio digital cameras with the introduction of the new Ricoh Caplio R2 in March 2005. The new Caplio R2 looks a lot like its brother, the Caplio R1, but the new model can definitely compete with the competitors of the 5 Megapixel class. The Ricoh R2 is beautifully designed and the housing has a nice finishing touch. Something that immediately draws the attention is the enlargement of the monitor on the back of the camera. Compared to the Caplio R1's 1.8 inch monitor, the difference is vast; the 2.5 inch monitor on the Caplio R2 has a great size and an adjustable brightness. The buttons next to the large sized monitor have been re-arranged. The optical viewfinder didn't survive the reorganization, something that we don't regret, on the contrary, we cheer! The larger monitor is of greater advantage than a small monitor in combination with a (small) optical viewfinder.

Ricoh Caplio R2 camera - 4.8x Optical zoom
This new sibling of Ricoh is equipped with an optical zoom lens, of course. The majority of the digital compact cameras still features a 3x optical range, with here and there a peak of a 4x optical range, but Ricoh put his back into it and equipped the Ricoh Caplio R2 with an outstanding 4x optical zoom! This range makes the R2 more versatile applicable than we'd expect from a digital camera and also more than we are used to. Focal length starts at 28mm and ends in a nice average telephoto of 135mm. This range perfectly covers a wide array of photographic situations, from landscape to portrait pictures. Besides the 4.8x optical zoom, the camera also offers a 3.6x digital zoom which sums up to a total zoom of 17.3x.

Ricoh R2 digital camera - Speed
Ricoh already enjoys a good reputation concerning speed of automatic focus (AF) and the response of the release button when taking a picture. Ricoh enabled an ultra fast startup time for the Ricoh Caplio R2, 0.8 second, and combined with a shutter response of an incredibly speedy time of 0.06, we may come to the conclusion that we are dealing here with one of the fastest reacting digital compact cameras on today's market. Action images are a piece of cake for the Ricoh R2.

Ricoh R2 camera - Caplio series
Some years ago Ricoh entered the digital camera market for the first time. And the past few years Ricoh introduced various series of Ricoh digital cameras, clearly aiming at different target groups. We saw Ricoh digital cameras with very extensive functions, even network connections. The current Ricoh Caplio line is clearly designed for a wide range of consumers, with its features like quick access, application of innovations and stylish designed housings. Our experiences of the new Ricoh camera can be found in the Ricoh Caplio R2 digital camera test.

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Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera

  Ricoh Caplio R2
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