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Casio QV-R40 Camera review | Conclusion
Casio QV-R40 digital camera - Good image quality
Casio really created a nice camera with this QV-R40. The images taken with this camera look good, they have a nice contrast and real life colours. The Casio QV-R40 is a camera meant for those users that are looking for an easy to handle camera but with the emphasis on quality! The QV R40 lives up to these expectations with its perfect quality. The images I made are printed through an online photo service, converted and delivered at home or another delivery spot. Beside that a few difficult images are printed through an inkjet printer at the office. Both results are successful, the image is complete. The camera is compact, is not scared of capturing fast moment images, has a good image quality and as a result I can put a successful print on my stack of photo's. And that is what it's all about concerning a compact digital camera.

Casio QV R40 camera - Best Shot function
There are enough settings to make images in a fast and simple way but they also offer the possibility to be creative. The Best Shot function is the ideal solution for someone who doesn't want to dig deep into photography but leaves enough room to be creative. The LCD monitor, size 1.6-inches, is easy to use and shows the images fast. The menu is quick and well-organized, not many actions are required to change certain settings. The two separate buttons on the back of the camera for play and record, add to the speed and simplicity of the camera. The housing is solid and shows quality.

Casio R40 digital camera - Tele ranges & Videoclips
Opposite all this stands the fact that the camera nibbled away a piece of wide angle from the tele ranges. The range of 39mm is a not enough in small rooms or taking an image of a large object, when the distance to the object can't be enlarged. And also recording a video clip without sound is a shame for a camera like the Casio QV-R40. A year ago you could still get away with it, but the development of the video clip function hasn't stopped and recording a clip in a resolution of 320x240 pixels without sound and a maximum of 30 seconds presents a sharp contrast to 640x480 pixels with sound and a maximum time related to the storage capacity of the memory card. Last critical note I want to mention is the absence of the video output.

Casio QV R40 - Combi of quality, convenience and speed
The overall conclusion after using the Casio QV-R40 is positive. One who is looking for a compact camera with a high resolution and high speed I recommend having a look in the local photo shop. The Casio QV-R40 is a good combination of quality, convenience and speed. The most important advantage of the Casio QV-R40 I saved for the last: it is the price! The Casio QV-R40 has a recommended sales price of ?399 (European price) which is a perfect balance between price and quality, a recommendable camera!

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Casio QV-R40 | Digital Camera


Casio QV-R40
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