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Casio QV-R40 Camera review | Control
The operation of a camera is quite personal. On the many forums on internet you’ll find positive and negative views on the functions of a camera and how to operate them. Some prefer the method of manufacturer A and some prefer manufacturer B, etc. It’s a job and a half for the manufacturers to find out how to make the many functions available for the user in the most practical way, so that the user doesn't have to look into the instructions every other minute. At least the amount of buttons on this camera, the Casio QV-R40, doesn't lead to confusion. The camera is activated by the on/off button on top. The menu is available through the Menu button on the back of the camera, the zoom button is connected to the shutter release button, the multifunctional button in the center, with the Enter function is used as a control panel and the last button is the Display button that can be reached in any position that the camera is in. One pair of buttons is new on the Casio camera. Beside the optical viewfinder, the so-called Play and Record button is placed. These two buttons allow a very fast switch between recording and showing images.

Again speed plays a role when playing the images. When the camera is in record mode and when you feel like viewing a few images, just press the reproduction button and they will be shown almost immediately. Next it is possible to look through all the images very rapidly. And rapidly here means: like a flash! Looking back at some 40 images it can happen that it costs the camera quite some time to convert them. But not this QV-R40 camera with its speed from 0.1 second per image! You go through the images in no time, a real pleasure.
Casio QV-R40 | Digital Camera Casio QV-R40 | Digital Camera
Casio QVR40 - Multifunctional operating button
The multifunctional operating button on the back of the camera enables flying through the menu very easily. Beside that this versatile button is the entrance to various functions like: histogram, flash settings, macro mode, delete function, video function etc. Realizing in what mode the camera is set, (record or play), the operation of the multifunctional button is a piece of cake. It takes a short while to get used to the fact that the camera reacts so fast to my actions but once used to it, I fly through the menu, setting the mode I desire for the effect that I wish to achieve or I delete the image or clip that I don't want to save anymore. The structure of the menu is easy to recognize, when the camera is in record mode and the menu is being activated 3 different tab pages are reachable, in play mode there are 2 tab pages available. By clicking the multifunctional button to the right just once, 21 pre-set scenes will appear. This function is very handy, because if you want to make a picture with a certain effect and you don’t know the settings, there is a big chance you’ll find it in the pre-set scenes in the camera. Selecting the scene sets the camera in the right position and you can make your picture with the effect you desire!
Casio QV R40 camera - Lot of automatical settings
One who wants to make digital photographs but wants to keep in control of the settings as much as possible, would want to look for another type of camera. The Casio QV-R40 is a camera which is simple and convenient in use, and has a lot of automatical settings. However, there are some possibilities to manually set some functions like manual focusing. By clicking the multifunctional button 3 times up a broad frame appears on the LCD monitor. By clicking the same button to the left or to the right the object within the frame will be focused clearly.

QV-R40 digital camera - Built-in photo album
A new function from the Casio is the built-in photo album. Activating this function makes the camera take the pictures in a album size, and can be reached through HTML. This way the images can be transferred directly from the camera onto the internet. The operation in general of the Casio ZV-R40 doesn’t leave anything to wish for. De buttons are directly reachable, small or big fingers don’t have problems operating the camera and also the menu is very clear and neatly arranged.
Casio QV-R40 Casio QV-R40
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