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Casio QV-R40 Digital camera review | Introduction
Casio QV-R40 digital camera review : The 24th of July 2003 Casio introduced a new compact digital camera world-wide. This model is now also available in the Netherlands and I think it is time to actually start using this camera. This small compact model is a very welcoming addition to the still growing assortment of Casio’s digital cameras. The EXILIM line has really become its own character, but the QV-series is also starting to get his own identity. Casio has been active on the digital market for quite a while now, in fact, it all started with Casio. The first consumer's cameras were brought on the market mainly by Casio and it even appeared that at one point the market share for Casio was 100%. In other words Casio was already an innovative brand and stayed that way up until now.

Casio QV-R40 - Features
The QV-R40 is a handy compact digital camera with a high resolution of 4 million pixels. The 4 Megapixels CCD offers sufficient image resolution to print enlargements or to partly enlarge it to the size of a postcard. The size of the camera makes it possible to always carry it with you in your pocket. The camera is equipped with an optical zoom lens, which enables you to make a portrait or a detailed picture very easily. The last 2 cameras, the QV-R3 and QV-R4 already started a new episode of super fast shutter release time. The new Casio QV-R40 not only has this fast shutter release but also a very fast start-up time. With this property it is possible to use the camera quickly at unexpected moments. The start-up time is exceptionally quick comparing to other digital cameras with an optical zoom lens (except the ones with an internal optical zoom lens).

Casio QV-R40 - Surprisingly fast
I put the new camera from the Casio assortment of digital cameras one week into practice. And one thing was soon clear to me: the Casio QV-R40 is not only a very compact but also a surprisingly fast camera. This report shows my experiences as a user of the Casio QV-R40.

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Casio QV-R40 | Digital Camera

  Casio QV-R40
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