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Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5 Camera review | Adjustments
There are not too many buttons on the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5, most of the settings have to be set through the menu. The menu button is rather dominating and the four-way dial lets you scroll through the settings. Not everything has to be adjusted through the menu. For example, if you press the centre of the four-way dial, you can change the type of focussing. You can either select a focus point yourself or leave it up to the camera. If you move the four-way dial to the left or to the right, the exposure is being adjusted. All very simple and easy. The only thing is that you have to know what your are doing because there are no symbols to guide you and that is a pity. You ought to have read the manual but who bothers nowadays?
Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5 | Digital Camera Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5 | Digital Camera
Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 - Menu
You don't need the menu for activating the macro function or to put the flash in a certain position. All other adjustments require digging into the menu. If you have worked with a Konica Minolta before the menu will look familiar to you. The menu of the Z5 is organized the same way as most other models from Konica Minolta. It consists of a number of tabs, with an underlying page. You don't have to scroll down too much to find the function you are looking for. Very useful in itself. The guidance of the menu could however use some improvements because the way it is now, you encounter difficulties in locating the settings. To adjust the sensitivity you have to go all the way to the third tab, and this is a setting that you'd want to change regularly. Eventually you can program this function on the quick button of the camera. But the quick button is the button for the flash settings. So you have to make a choice as to which one you find more important. It would be great if the Konica Minolta Z6 contains a separate quick button.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 - Last adjustments
Pretty annoying is the fact that the memory doesn't remember the last adjustment. So when you want to set it back you have to go all the way to the setting again to be able to adjust it. For example if you only need a different white balance for one image and you want to change it back you have to go back into the menu, which is very time-consuming. For some of our Dutch photographers it might be a problem of not having a Dutch menu at hand. Konica Minolta ought to pay more attention to the menu for it is an important part of the camera.
Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 - Settings
As far as settings are concerned, you can't complain with this Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5. Besides the exposure programs you also have a broad choice of the type of light metering. Not in all cases is the multi-pattern metering ideal. I am really very pleased to find the spot metering on the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 also. Ideal if you want to capture a light subject against a dark background. Of course settings like sharpness and saturation are also available. Although you don't really have to adjust them. The default settings deliver outstanding images. Images can be stored in sRGB colour space, which is good, considering the target group the camera aims at. You're still able to make photos in black and white or sepia. What it is precisely that you can set depends on the selection of the exposure program. In the icon settings you can adjust a lot less. That is logical because these modes are mainly used by less experienced photographers, who don't care much about settings anyway.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 - Exposure
As mentioned before, the default settings deliver splendid images, with a fine colour rendition and brightness. You have to take care of the white balance and change it to artificial light when shooting in artificial light, because the automatic white balance fails here. Try and keep the sensitivity as low as possible too. The Konica Minolta does show noise at ISO 100, increasing at ISO 200 and from 320 ISO it is rather ugly. In most cases the multi-pattern metering delivers a correct exposure but at high contrasts it is better to use spot metering.
Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5 Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5
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