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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon Digital IXUS 50 Camera review | Control
The Canon Digital IXUS 50 is a straightforward camera. The on/off switch of the camera is found immediately and the optical zoom lens is positioned in no-time. The camera is ready to shoot the first image within 1.5 seconds. When activated, operation of the Canon IXUS 50 is easy. No complicated operations are needed and if you are familiar with the menu of a Canon IXUS camera you will not encounter difficulties. A good sign in itself; why change the concept if it proved to be great and if the consumer is satisfied with it?
Canon Digital IXUS 50 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 50 | Digital Camera
Canon IXUS 50 - Record menu
The majority of the functions are controlled via the back of the camera. The various buttons, most of them contain more than one function, give direct access tot main settings like flash settings, continuous shooting, landscape images etc. These functions are directly operated through the record menu. Once inside the record menu, if pressing the small menu button, the user can adjust the camera to his or her own desires. For example energy saving settings, volume, brightness of the monitor and the language the camera uses for its menus. This latter one is one of the strong trumps of Canon, while consumer surveys show that the consumer prefers menus and guidance of equipment like a digital camera, in his own language. I can appreciate that, because it certainly adds to the user-friendliness.

Canon IXUS 50 - Shooting settings menu
Pressing the tiny little button in the centre of the multi control dial, the user enters the shooting settings menu immediately, like exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, and besides that the quality of the image (compression) and the resolution. If you take the time to find out the structure of the menu, maybe have a look into the manual too, you will discover every secret of the camera within 30 minutes.

Canon Digital IXUS 50 - Release button
On top of the camera we find a combined button, it serves to focus correctly when pressing it half-way down, and when pressing it completely down, your image is captured. If the self-timer is set, it will be activated when pressing the release button. Around the release button a dial is placed which can be turned to the left and to the right. This dial operates the zoom function, the optical as well as digital zoom. When the camera is set to play mode, you have to turn this dial to the left for activating the index rendition, and to the right for zooming into a captured image. This multi-functional operation is typical for a camera like the Canon Digital IXUS 50. The camera offers an abundance of possibilities and learning how to use them won't take up much of your time.
Canon IXUS 50 - Multi control dial
The multi control dial on the back of the camera contains various functions. Pressing the top ring offers access to a choice of light metering methods, to the left for macro or landscape images, to the right to make a selection from diverse flash settings, and down to activate the self-timer or to start continuous shooting. All of these functions are available in record mode, if changing to the play mode, the multi control dial contains different new functions, like delete.

Canon IXUS 50 - Accessories
Besides digital cameras Canon has a diversity of (digital) products in its assortment. Amongst them the compact postcard printers. The Canon SELPHY CP-220 printer offers the simple and effective solution of creating a print directly from the digital camera and the new compact Canon SELPHY DS700 offers the possibility to view images directly on a television screen, besides the high quality print. Connecting the Canon Digital IXUS 50 to a PictBridge supporting printer, makes printing an image ever so easy. Press the concerning button on the back of the camera once, select the desired images on the camera and have them printed out by the PictBridge supporting (Canon) printer. Simple and effective.

Canon Digital IXUS 50 - Battery and Memory card
Furthermore; inserting the battery and the memory card is a piece of cake. The compartment for the pair of them is covered by a small cover on the bottom of the camera. Sliding the cover away opens the compartment and the battery and the memory card can be inserted. It might occur that you misplace the battery, however; the small catch that keeps the battery in its place, won't accept it. The easy operation is pleasant; the manual is just what a manual should be like. It takes you by the hand and leads you through the whole camera. Just take half an hour, get acquainted with the directness of the operation of the Canon Digital IXUS 50 and in no-time you are doing with the camera, what is meant to be done with it: taking pictures!
Canon Digital IXUS 50 Canon Digital IXUS 50
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