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Canon EOS 350D Camera review | Conclusion
Canon EOS 350D - Comparison with other EOS cameras
Canon made a break-through on the market when introducing the EOS 300D and the cameras were sold like hotcakes. Still there were some critical sounds. The body was considered to be too artificial, and too many functions were disabled. The Canon EOS 350D makes up for it all. It is a particularly mature camera, which lies comfortably in your hand and which features an impressive processing speed. The image quality is superb, like we've seen on the Canon EOS 20D. Fine colours, little noise and excellent brightness. The Canon EOS 350D has got so much more to offer. It is not just a stripped down EOS 20D. The two models are well-matched in many ways. The difference is mainly found in the construction of the camera. The EOS 350D is built a tiny bit less solid, without diminishing the quality of it. Also the organisation and the functions show that the Canon EOS 350D is aiming for the average consumer as target group.

Canon EOS 350D - High sales
The light weight and the compact size of the camera will have appealed to a large part of future owners and will be considered positively in deciding to make the step to purchasing the Canon EOS 350D. The ergonomics of the camera leave behind a pleasant experience and will be enjoyed by the beginning photographer and the professional who wants to use a high-quality second body. The EOS 300D was the first SLR that sold like hotcakes, but from reliable sources we gathered that the Canon EOS 350D is selling even better. This digital SLR camera finds itself right in the spot light and it may be clear that Canon's position on the market on the field of digital SLR cameras will not suffer with the introduction of this new Canon flagship.

Canon EOS 350D - DIGIC II
The Canon EOS 350D overall quality is excellent. Especially the application of the DIGIC II processor gives the camera indeed a surplus-value. This processor is used by Canon on a broad range and it certainly pays off. The Canon 350D's responses under various circumstances are incredibly impressive. Action, portrait, indoors and outdoors images, snapshots or precise macro images, the Canon EOS 350D is a versatile camera with easy access and captures all these images effortlessly.

Canon EOS 350D - Top product
The main competitor of course is the D70s from Nikon and the differences between the two cameras are small. It is a neck-and-neck race. Anyhow, if you purchase the Canon EOS 350D you will be the proud owner of a top product. A camera to enjoy to the fullest. The camera is easy to carry around, works incredibly speedy and produces marvellous images. And all of this for less money than its predecessor. The real fun starts from now on!

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Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera


Canon EOS 350D
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