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Canon EOS 350D Camera review | Storage and Energy
Even though the Canon EOS 350D shrunk a lot in size, still it uses the CompactFlash memory card. Just as well in case you'd like to use this camera at the same time as the Canon EOS 20D for example. The buffer is enhanced compared to the Canon EOS 300D and 5 RAW or 15 JPEG images can be stored in the highest quality. Storing onto the buffer as well as writing is ultra fast. Providing you use a fast memory card like the SanDisk Extreme III. Within 5 seconds your buffer is empty. Using a slower card it takes approximately 20 seconds. When the buffer is full, you can still shoot 1 to 1.5 image per second because the images are stored that fast onto the card. So you can keep on shooting until the memory card capacity has run out.
Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera
Canon EOS 350D - SanDisk CompactFlash memory card
The CompactFlash memory card has conquered a considerable market share for many years now. Once brought on the market by SanDisk when storage capacities of 64MB seemed to be an outrages and out of reach capacity for most consumers, we now find an assortment of CompactFlash memory cards with 8GB as a realistic storage capacity. The last few years room was created for a few new lines of CompactFlash cards besides the standard CompactFlash memory cards. The Ultra II memory card is one of the examples of a faster card with an ultra high write and read processing speed.

Concerning 1GB storage capacity:
Resolution 3456x2304 pixels - RAW + JPEG - 82 images
Resolution 3456x2304 pixels - RAW - 116 images - 8.3MB
Resolution 3456x2304 pixels - Fine - 290 images - 3.3MB
Resolution 3456x2304 pixels - Normal - 558 images - 1.7MB
Resolution 2496x1164 pixels - Fine - 490 images - 2.0MB
Resolution 2496x1164 pixels - Normal - 932 images - 1.0MB
Resolution 1728x1152 pixels - Fine - 838 images - 1.2MB
Resolution 1728x1152 pixels - Normal - 1580 images - 0.6MB
Canon 350D SLR - Extreme line
The most recent introductions and also the fastest memory cards available nowadays come from the Extreme line memory cards. These ultra fast memory cards are equipped with an advanced technique which enables extraordinary speeds of 20 megabytes per second. Especially the combination of a fast responding digital camera with a fast memory card makes working with high resolution images a lot more pleasant. The Canon EOS 350D is an eight Megapixel camera which means rather large files can be made. Certainly when photographing in RAW format, or even in RAW and JPEG at the same time. It might be smart to use a 1GB memory card at the least, and a 2GB will be even smarter.

Canon EOS 350D digital reflex camera - Battery
Canon has introduced a new type of battery with the Canon 350D, which will appear in more models from now on. It is a somewhat lighter version of the BP-511. Despite of it being a lighter version one battery charge lasts a long time. It takes some hundreds of images effortlessly (400 - 600), that is to say; if you turn the camera off in between for short periods. The battery can be charged via the standard delivered battery charger. Charging time to full charge the battery is approximately 90 minutes. Still it is wise to carry along a second battery. And owners of the extra handgrip can also hop around the corner to the nearest petrol station and buy some AA batteries to put in the camera.
Canon EOS 350D Canon EOS 350D
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