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Canon EOS 350D Camera review | Control
I already mentioned it before; the Canon EOS 350D is well organised and has a logical operation, especially for those who worked with a Canon EOS digital camera before. The on/off button is placed on a logical spot: close to the exposure settings. Activating the camera is extremely fast with an almost immediate response. Also when the camera is in 'sleep' mode. The button is rather large so you don't have to fiddle around with it! The majority of shooting functions have been positioned on the right. This is handy because everything is within reach of your thumb. This means you don't have to take the Canon 350D away from your eye to change a setting. This applies only if you are looking through the viewfinder with your right eye. The functions for play back and for the menu are on the left side of the camera which is also very logically as you would be holding the camera already with two hands and not in front of your eye.
Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera
Canon EOS 350D - Menu
Everything is controlled from the back of the camera, except for the exposure settings. The main functions have their own button so it's easy to change things with pressing once! All other functions are in the well organised menu. And thanks to the comprehensible colour system you will find your way in no time.

Canon EOS 350D - Focus points
The Canon EOS 350D features some seven focus points. To select them you have to activate a button top right and the four buttons or the dial will let you select the desired point. The buttons will show you to the right direction, the dial will lead you to a certain pattern. In practice I would swap between those two. Next to the button for the focus point we find the exposure lock. When this button is pressed the exposure remains locked. You don't have to keep pressing the button. In order to unlock the exposure you press the button next to it, or you just wait 8 seconds. The exposure lock on the Canon EOS 350D functions as flash lock at the same time, when an external flash is connected. This flash lock is very handy, although the use of it has become less essential with the E-TTL II.
Canon EOS 350D - Auto focus
The auto focus on the Canon EOS 350D is extremely fast. Also when using lenses without built-in focus motor, the so-called USM lenses. The focus points are well divided which enables covering almost the whole viewfinder's view. Light metering strongly depends on the selected focus point if you use the evaluative metering. This could turn out to your disadvantage, for example in a high contrast situation. Being a photographer you have to constantly be aware of what you are doing! In general the metering turns out correctly.

Canon EOS 350D - Viewfinder
The viewfinder shows sufficient information; you don't have to look elsewhere to see what is happening. It is rather strange though and it surprised me a bit that the buffer only shows 9 images where it contains many more. A small error. Other than that, the viewfinder is fine. A bit small, but I guess that is normal in this class. A large viewfinder would not stay within the budget.
Canon EOS 350D Canon EOS 350D
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