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Canon EOS 350D Camera review | Camera
The Canon EOS 350D digital SLR has been constructed newly and the designers did a great job. The Canon EOS 350D has a beautiful appearance, specially the black model. The base of the body is made from artificial material again, but the Canon EOS 350D does not feel like cheap plastic. The surface has been made rougher. The EOS 350D is surely very compact; still the camera lies comfortably in your hand. If your hands are not too big that is. If needed you can purchase an extra handgrip to place on the bottom of the camera. Not only does this improve the position of the camera in your hand, it also enables inserting more batteries. Once again the design department did a good job, also on this new handgrip. It looks a lot nicer.
Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera
Canon EOS 350D - Viewer
The Canon EOS 350D is also following perfectly in the footsteps of other Canon models. Blue symbols show functions for playback mode, white ones for photographing. The position of the buttons are very familiar to the experienced Canon user. Starters will not encounter problems to get used to using the buttons. The viewer on the Canon 350D is a so-called pentamirror. This means that the light is sent to the ocular via mirrors. The more expensive SLR's feature a real prism. The disadvantage of using mirrors is the fact it is at the cost of the light falling on the viewer, but still the view on the Canon EOS 350D is fine. It is well possible to frame with about 95% of the image. A 100% view would be better, but it is that expensive only top models have it. Fortunately a dioptre setting is also available.

Canon EOS 350D - LCD Monitor
On the back of the camera we find the 1.8 inch LCD monitor. In comparison to the monitors of competing cameras it seems rather small, I guess we are spoiled! Right above the monitor there is another small screen. Here you will find the most important shooting settings, like shutter speed, aperture, focus system, light metering and image speed. Previously we'd find a screen like that on top of the camera. Canon doesn't use covers to protect the monitors, where many other brands do. Personally I think it is not really necessary either because the material that's been used is rather scratch proof. On the right next to the monitor we find four buttons; besides selecting settings they are also used to navigate through the menu. A proper switch or command dial would have been a lot more expensive and this solution works very pleasantly too.
Canon EOS 350D - Transferring photos
A USB 2.0 High Speed connection enables transferring photos from the Canon EOS 350D. It is hidden nicely behind a cover on the left side, together with the video interface. A smart construction. The other side contains the CompactFlash compartment. As soon as the tiny cover is opened storage will stop immediately. So beware! However; if you deactivate the Canon 350D the camera will empty the buffer before actually turning off. Canon used a new battery for the necessary energy; it is for the first time in years that the BP-511 is being neglected. The extra handgrip can also contain eight AA batteries, that alone could be a good reason to purchase it.

Canon EOS 350D - Extra features
The top of the camera contains everything on the right side, precisely where you already hold the camera. Very useful. Nothing more to wish for! Everything is well organised and easily accessible. Of course the built-in flash hasn't been left out, and it flips out nice and high. Although when using an extreme wide angle lens like the Canon EF 17-40mm 1/4 L USM images do suffer from dark corners. A flash connection for example for a studio flash unit, is not available. But the standard hot shoe is present. The Canon EOS 350D combines beautifully with the Speedlite 420EX.
Canon EOS 350D Canon EOS 350D
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