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Canon EOS 350D Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon EOS 350D digital camera review : As a bolt from the blue Canon introduced an affordable digital SLR camera back in 2003. This way Canon stole a march on arch-competitor Nikon, who immediately struck back with the D70. Beginning of this year Canon introduced the successor of the Canon EOS 300D, conform their policy of bringing a new model on the market every year and a half. The Canon EOS 350D is not an improved version but it is a totally newly developed camera. The sensor is identical to the one on the Canon EOS 20D; just its size is somewhat smaller. Other internal features like the processor have been upgraded. But the most striking part of course is the appearance of the body. The Canon 350D has visibly shrunk and its appearance is so much more beautiful than its predecessor.

Canon EOS 350D - New CMOS sensor
Thanks to the new CMOS sensor the smallest Canon SLR now has eight Megapixels to offer. Only Olympus offers an equal amount of pixels in this camera class. Nikon and Pentax use the Sony sensor which has 2 Megapixels less. It's not that big of a difference really, pixels are not the most important thing on a digital camera. Canon also put a lot of effort in the speed of the camera. The image rate as well as the processing speed have increased tremendously. Naturally the Canon EOS 350D features the new E-TTL II flash system.

Canon EOS 350D - More for less
The Canon EOS 300D was a stripped down version of the Canon EOS 10D, at which a number of functions was disabled (by software). Canon has given a lot more functions to the EOS 350D digital SLR. Like an extensive white balance correction and the possibility to shoot in black & white. The metal EF-S mount is still present so the Canon EOS 350D can be used with the normal EF as well as the special EF-S lenses. The EF-S lenses are somewhat shorter, which is possible because there is more room in the camera's body. The mirror is smaller than the one we find on an analogue or full size SLR camera or the Canon EOS 1D Mark II. All EF-S lenses are affordable, which suits their target group, the average consumer and not the professional photographer. The camera's price is not bad. You can buy a set with an Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens for 1049 euros and without the lens it will cost you 949 euros. That is about 200 euros less than the Canon 300D when it was introduced. This means: more for less.

Canon EOS 350D - Canon Digital Photo Professional
The Canon EOS 350D comes with Digital Photo Professional to be able to change RAW images to TIFF or JPEG. This was only available on Canon's professional cameras. It is a pleasant program, a lot better than the original File Viewer Utility. We were able to try the Canon 350D for a few days, and our experiences with this new Canon digital SLR are written down in the following review.

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Canon EOS 350D | Digital Camera

  Canon EOS 350D
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