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Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Camera review | Storage and Energy
It is very predictable that Sony uses the famous memory card shaped like a chewing gum stripe. This memory card is being used by many consumers. Not surprising while Sony seems to have built his wide assortment of products around the Memory Stick. Whether it is a television, notebook, projector, walkman, video camera or the Sony DSC-P32, they all use the Memory Stick as storage medium. It is of course very convenient that the applications of this memory card have been broadened widely. Whether it is documents, audio, or video clips or the digital photos from the last holidays, the Memory Stick can take it all and stores everything! The Memory Stick, in the present model, is available with a maximum storage capacity of 256MB. Shortly there is a new version of this memory card available, the Memory Stick PRO. The PRO version is presently available with a storage capacity of 1GB but has the potential to grow to a capacity of 32GB! The complete line of Sony's digital cameras introduced in 2003 supports the Memory Stick as well as the Memory Stick PRO memory card.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera
A 16MB Memory Stick is standard delivered with the Sony DSC-P32 camera. This storage capacity is nice to start with but one will have to buy a memory card with higher storage capacity to be able to store more than the maximum of 10 images. (Highest quality / highest resolution). In combination with the resolution of the DSC-P32 a 64MB or 128MB Memory Stick is recommended. (41 or 82 images in the highest quality / resolution). The DSC-P32 is one of Sony's first digital cameras to support the new Memory Stick PRO. This very fast and available with high capacity memory card will feel more at home in a high resolution digital camera but it is good to see that Sony has adjusted his whole line of digital cameras.

The Memory Stick is inserted in the memory compartment at the bottom of the camera. This compartment is neatly placed in the housing of the camera and covered with a solid cap.

The side of the camera has room for two AA batteries. These NiMH batteries are delivered standard with the camera as well as the battery charger. An advantage because on a regular base I still get to see cameras that are delivered without the NiMH batteries and charger. It looks like the days of the digital camera as an absorber of a huge amount of energy are over. The improvements of the capacity of the battery and the important improvements in the energy management of the camera and the energy use of the applied components have led to the fact that a digital camera can easily take a minimum of 200 images with one set of fully charged batteries. Also this Sony DSC-P32 camera, this model is capable of taking some 320 images using the LCD monitor.
This is good to know and it adds to a larger convenience for the user. It is pretty upsetting to have a technical high quality product and then finding out you can't use it because it has run out of energy again. One who takes up the custom to recharge the batteries after a week-end of taking pictures can count on sufficient battery capacity to take spontaneous pictures at any moment. Beside using the NiMH batteries the camera also allows the use of standard Alkaline batteries, always useful to carry around as an extra set of batteries.

The menu of the DSC-P32 also feature a Power Save function to make sure certain functions are not constantly activated. Like only by pushing the release button half-way down the camera will focus in stead of continuously focussing. A second energy saving function makes sure to deactivate the LCD monitor when the built-in flash is charging, and when it is fully charged the monitor will be activated again.

The batteries are placed in the battery compartment on the side of the camera. The cap is solid and closes well. Again everything is neatly placed within the housing of the camera.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Sony Cybershot DSC P32
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