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Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Camera review | Adjustments
When the menu of the camera is activated the camera is in the Play mode and various different settings appear. The function Folder enables the choice between different folders that are stored on the memory card. The folders can be made by the Set-up menu but it is also possible that the memory card is used in another Sony camera. It should be convenient to store the images straight away in one of the folders. Take for example the situation during a vacation when in one day various locations are visited. To make these folders in advance one can choose where to store the images in the different folders. An other handy function is DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) in combination with an inkjet printer that supports this function. This function enables marking an image so that it can be printed. Reading the memory card through a printer the marked image is recognised directly and printed.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera
There are situations when a camera has to focus an object but the object doesn't appear in the centre of the camera and the composition should not be changed. Normally this problem can be solved by pushing the release button half-way down, changing the composition and then pushing it down completely. One who thinks this is an awful lot of work can also use the Multipoint Auto focus. This way focussing is done by metering three fields so the chance to get a sharp image increases. This is useful when taking an image of two people sitting or standing next to each other. If the object finds itself in the middle of a large amount of objects it is better to use the Auto Centre focus, a more precise way of focussing. Both options work great but in general the preference will be the Multipoint Auto Focus. The earlier mentioned AF assistant illuminator function offers the solution in difficult and dim light circumstances. The focussing is slower but the result is a sharp picture, like it is meant to be.

The 3.2 Megapixels of resolution can be adjusted to the purpose of an image. Does the image have to be printed then a high resolution is preferred, to get a photo quality as high as possible. The option to adjust the resolution to a 3:2 proportion is very useful. At this proportion the size of the image will be equal to the size of the printing paper, so no loss of image occurs printing it.

The built-in flash of the DSC-P32 has five different settings. The Auto flash will provide a perfect result in most situations. Of course one has to take into account that a built-in flash only has a limited range. Try and keep the object that has to be exposed within a range of 4 meters. The menu of the camera also has the red-eye reduction option. Why this option is hidden somewhere in the menu, I can't figure it out! It would have been a lot easier to insert it in the flash settings on the back of the camera. The Auto flash settings will be the most useful ones for most of the users.
Standard the Sony DSC-P32 is set to a metering method that divides the total image into various proportionate fields. This way the camera automatically detects the position of the object and the brightness of the surroundings. With these values a balanced exposure is metered. In general most images will be successful through this method, but objects that have large contrasts or objects that are mainly light or dark, might not get the right exposure by this method. Then we can use the second exposure method the camera features: the Spot metering. It meters only a very small spot on the total image. This way of metering usually leads to better results when taking a picture with backlighting or strong contrast between the object and the surroundings. It is even possible to adjust the exposure in small steps (exposure compensation). There is no rule for obtaining a good result, only practise will learn, but it should not be a problem with digital photography. Because an image that failed to turn out the way you wanted it, can be deleted straight away so you can practise as much as you want.

Despite the fact that the DSC-P32 is considered to be an entry-level camera, it is a fully grown-up camera which offers both starter and advanced users enough to be very creative. Convenience plays a big role but one who also wants to go one step further, will not be stopped by any limitations of the camera.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Sony Cybershot DSC P32
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