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Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Camera review | Control
The Sony design department has succeeded again in keeping the operation as easy as possible and we can conclude that the direction Sony took years ago seems to come to the final optimum operation. One who worked with a Sony camera or a similar Sony product before will find a large amount of similarities. The menu is well-organised and easy to enter. All functions are neatly put in groups on the back of the camera which benefits the user friendliness. The user is not being bothered by all sorts of functions that are not needed to take daily pictures, these functions are available one layer deeper, and so the auto function stays clear. Striking is the fact that the DSC-P32 is ready to shoot right after activating it. The protecting cap in front of the optical lens slides away and the camera is ready to use. As soon as one aims for an object and the shutter release button is pushed down completely there is almost no interval. The image can be taken straight away. Many entry level cameras have an interval of release that can reach up to one second; the DSC-P32 doesn't suffer from this phenomenon!
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera
In the last chapter I briefly told you about the Smart Zoom function. This function is a trick that compromises the use of the digital zoom and the final image quality. The expression 'digital zoom' first got a negative response because using this zoom too much interference was happening on the image, too much enlargement at the cost of the image quality. The final result was usually disappointing, and certainly when the home printer was used. To make this function functional, Sony invented the Smart Zoom. This function takes the adjusted image resolution in consideration and will not use the digital zoom more than accepted to still get the perfect image quality. In other words, if the camera is set to a resolution of 2 Megapixels the digital zoom will be 1.3x, but at a resolution of 640x480, it allows a digital zoom of 3.2x.

The menu of the camera is activated by a button on the back of the camera. The DSC-P32 can be set to four different programs: play, record, film and set-up. When the program button is set to one of the four programs, the menu will automatically adjust itself. The Play menu has 7 different settings, the film menu has 4, and the set-up menu has 12 settings. The record menu is enhanced; various settings are available depending on the settings activated within this menu. The Auto mode is restricted to 4 settings, but one who wants to photograph in an advanced and more creative way can use for example the 'Program' settings. Eight different settings are possible and every setting has various modes. The user's convenience is guaranteed by Sony's separation of an Auto setting and an enhanced Auto setting.
The camera features a standard USB connection to guarantee a trouble-free transfer of the images or video clips onto a computer. Beside that it is also possible to connect the camera onto a large size television screen. The film function enables the camera to record video clips in a resolution of 640x480 pixels with sound. This resolution also enables playing the videos on a television.

The operation of the DSC-P32 is exactly what is should be for an entry level camera, simple and direct. It would not be right to only mention the simplicity of the camera. The camera has sufficient options to offer to the photographer who wants to take pictures in a more creative way. High resolution film function, various exposure settings, pre-set scenes, and even a noise reduction function belong to the many extra settings beside the automatic one.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Sony Cybershot DSC P32
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