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Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Camera review | Camera
It is good to see that the DSC-P32 shrunk a lot comparing to the former model. Beside the compact size of the camera of course the higher image resolution which went up from 2 tot 3.2 million effective pixels is a great advantage. The body of the camera looks neat and has nicely round-off corners. The weight is definitely not too heavy: 170 grams, it enables you to take the camera with you in the pocket of your trousers or the inner-pocket. The small upright edge at the front of the camera makes sure your fingers don't get in the way of the built-in flash. The rubber cap on the back of the camera is the place for your thumb. It rests quietly without slipping away thanks to the ridges on the cap. The camera feels good in your hand and in spite of the small compact size, a bigger hand won't experience any problems holding it. The finishing touch of the camera is perfect according to what we expect from Sony. The buttons feel solid, the switches stable and the covers close smoothly on the body of the camera.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC P32 | Digital Camera
The front of the camera features a fixed bright lens with a focal range of 33mm (equivalent to a 35mm camera). The built-in flash is placed right next to the centre, but not so much that it is too close to your fingers. The optical viewfinder is placed directly above the lens with next to it the built-in microphone. On the other side of the optical viewfinder we find a small led which has two functions. And this leads us directly to an important function of the camera. This led functions as an Auto Focus assistant illuminator and as an indicator for the self-timer. The Auto focus assistant illuminator is an extra exposure possibility meant to help focussing in difficult and dim light conditions. The so-called AF illuminator (AF assistant illuminator) can be turned to automatic through the menu of the camera so that it is activated automatically when needed. This function is a welcoming addition to every photographer!

The back of the DSC-P32 features a 1.6-inch (4cm) size colour LCD monitor with a resolution of 61.000 pixels. The monitor offers a clear reproduction of the images, but has its restrictions, like most monitors, when using in bright sunshine. In general the image is recognisable when direct sunlight falls on the monitor but the contrast and colour reproduction is less, which results in difficulties in recognising the object. The DSC-P32 offers the solution in this situation with an optical viewfinder.
Next to the LCD monitor we find quite a few buttons. They are all placed within reach of the thumb. Striking is the so-called Smart Zoom button on the right side. This new function is a clever solution to have the camera zoom digital and increase the zoom according to the resolution so the image quality is guaranteed. Underneath the Smart Zoom button we find a large size cover to hide the USB 1.1, A/V out and A/C power connections. The bottom of the camera offers room to a universal metal tripod connection. This connection is not placed in the middle to ensure a steady balance when placing the camera on a mini tripod, so be careful! On the side of the camera we find the battery compartment. The DSC-P32 uses two AA NiMH batteries and these two provide more than enough power to function for a long period of time. The cover of the compartment shuts well and will not open suddenly and/or unexpectedly. On the whole it is solid and robust. The other side of the camera offers room to the well known by now blue "chewing gum strip", the Memory Stick or the Memory Stick PRO memory card.

The Sony DSC-P32 leaves behind a solid impression, the body is neatly finished, is compact and ergonomically well-organised.
Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Sony Cybershot DSC P32
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