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Olympus mju mini Digital Camera review | Conclusion
The Olympus Mju mini Digital simply is an eye catcher and a feast for the eyes. The camera's design is both original and functional. A style icon of the present times. However, besides its beautiful appearance we also like a digital camera which provides us with realistic images. The Mju-mini's colour rendition is warm and pleasant. In general the automatic operation serves the purpose, so user friendliness is guaranteed. The images have a high contrast with here and there a loss of detail in the shadow segments of the image.

The Olympus Mju mini Digital performs great concerning the noise ratio. The higher ISO rates (400) however tend to deliver a lesser performance. Still on a level that is acceptable, especially when compared to competing cameras, but improvable. The Mju-mini's images are worthwhile looking at! When a Mju-mini print is being compared with a traditional photograph there is no visible difference. The majority of the people even prefer the digital image because of its fine contrast and true-to-life colours.

The Olympus Mju mini Digital is equipped with an optical zoom, we would have preferred a 3x optical zoom. The images are bright and clear and the excellent macro function does its job fantastically. A strong trump, rich details and a fabulous resolution. Some distortion is found, especially at wide angle images. The images taken with a tiny bit more zoom are rather neutral, as far as distortion is concerned.

The somewhat slow reaction of the camera is due to a larger interval of release. This interval is above the average while focussing takes some time. The difference when taking a picture when focussing happened in advance is clearly perceptible.

All in all the Olympus Mju mini Digital is a very pleasant camera to work with. This model belongs to the 2e generation of Olympus digital Mju cameras. And it goes without saying: the result is praiseworthy. A waterproof housing, a fantastic design and the user-friendly operation seem the ideal combination to hold a successfully vendible product. The Mju-mini is the perfect camera for someone who loves the design and besides that looks for a camera with an easy operation and a photo-realistic end result. In short, a recommendable camera!

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Olympus mju mini Digital | Digital Camera


Olympus mju mini Digital
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