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Olympus mju mini Digital Camera review | Camera
The Olympus Mju mini Digital has an exclusive and unique design. Jokingly people refer to it as: that piece of soap. However, this is detrimental to the daring design of the gentlemen of the Olympus' design department. The camera is extremely compact and light-weighted. Despite its compact size, the camera is easily operable, also by users with a larger size of hands. The rounded off side lies ideally against the left middle finger and the left index finger rests on top of the camera. The right thumb operates with one easy move the total, yet brief control panel on the back side of the camera. The front of the Mju-mini has a beautiful round finishing touch. The lens is neatly hidden behind a lens glide which slides away in the housing. The lens is placed slightly right from the centre with next to it a mini sized microphone and a led for the self timer. In the middle, a bit to the top of the housing, we find the internal flash. The lens consists of a 2x zoom lens, which is rather restricted compared to the present possibilities at which solutions like an internal zoom lens system belong to the options.
Olympus mju mini Digital | Digital Camera Olympus mju mini Digital | Digital Camera
The top part of the Mju mini again has a unique design. A curved, instead of a flat top side offers place to the on/off button and the release button. Completely on the right side it looks as if someone took a bite of the top side, in order to place a newly designed command wheel. Truly a fashionable and beautiful solution!

Looking at the camera from the back, on the right side, we discover a nicely hidden cover, which hides the battery compartment, the USB/AV interface and the memory slot. The xD Picture Card is protected by a miniscule internal cover. The compact LI-30B Lithium Ion battery (3.6V 645mAh) is also covered by an internal cover when the battery is inserted in the camera. All is covered and hidden by the large cover that forms a whole with the housing. The cover is protected by an O-ring in order to guarantee the water resistance. The bottom side of the camera has the universal tripod connection, not placed entirely in the centre, so one has to adjust the camera in order to find the correct balance.
That leaves only one more side: the back side of the Mju mini. Despite the compact size, room was found for the high contrast 1.8-inch LCD monitor. Left of the monitor we find a quick button (QuickView) with underneath it a small led, showing for example the status of storing data. On the right side from the monitor we find only 3 buttons: de zoom button, the multi-functional 4-way button and the so called 'OK' button. Most functions are accessible through the internal menu, the rest through the quick buttons (for instance the multi-functional 4-way button.)

As said before, the design of the camera is unique and very beautiful. When putting the cameras in the 6 available colours on a row, it's an impressive view. The compact size and the handy design make this camera to the ideal travel mate, easy to carry with you always and everywhere.
Olympus mju mini Digital Olympus mju mini Digital
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