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Olympus mju mini Digital Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus Mju mini Digital digital camera review : Olympus proudly introduced a new stylish designed digital camera in September 2004. The Olympus Mju-mini Digital became true. Of course many camera manufacturers introduce new models mentioning the stylish design. However, the Olympus Mju mini digital beats them all. The Olympus design department achieved a mayor break-through and the result is definitely worthwhile. This new camera recently became available on the Dutch market and the consumer can choose from various coloured housings.

Olympus Mju mini Digital - Weather resistant housing
The DIWA Award Design winning camera has a weather resistant housing and is the latest model from the popular Mju series of digital cameras. This series has been sold well worldwide and is renown for its high quality finish with emphasis on image quality besides design. The new Mju mini Digital's design is superb and at this moment unique. The Olympus Mju 300, Mju 400 and Mju 410 still have a more traditional appearance where as the Mju-mini has the honour to be the first, presented in its new outfit.

Olympus Mju mini Digital - Features
The Olympus Mju mini digital camera is equipped with an image sensor (CCD) delivering a resolution of 4 Megapixels. Beside that, the camera is equipped with a 2x optical zoom lens, an all-weather housing, and he is available in no less than 6 different colours. The Olympus Mju-mini digital is perfect to carry around with you, always and everywhere, extremely compact, delightful to the eye and easily operable. The weather resistant housing is a welcoming extra, although it can't be used under water, it enhances its reliability during rainy days, in the snow and on and around the boat. Due to the fact that the Olympus Mju Mini digital is usable in many weather circumstances and on different locations, the usability of the Mju mini Digital is more versatile than a camera with a traditional, non- weather-resistant housing.

Olympus Mju mini Digital - Worldwide
Olympus is achieving its goal worldwide with the Mju mini digital camera. Beautiful countless advertising campaigns reach our eyes and it looks like Olympus is holding the perfect selling item! We put the camera into practice for a few days. Our experiences can be found in the following review.

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Olympus mju mini Digital | Digital Camera

  Olympus mju mini Digital
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