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Sony Cybershot DSC V3 Camera review | Conclusion
The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-V3 is an advanced digital camera with a high quality innovative technique on board. The high resolution of 7 Megapixels is the result of years and years of innovations in the CCD industry. The user friendliness of the V3 is excellent. The way the menu works makes it also easy for starting photographers to start taking pictures immediately. The advanced user will dive into the comprehensive settings straight away to use them in practice.

The Cyber-shot DSC-V3 has an excellent photo quality with strikingly lively and true to nature colours. The camera is easy to operate, despite of the high quality techniques on board. The perfectly operating Hologram AF is an excellent support when focussing and we don't think we exaggerate when we say that this way of focusing is unprecedented precise. Beside that the NightFraming and NightShot functions offer a great support in difficult light conditions and even in situations where there's no light available at all. The fact that the DSC-V3 is able to produce a perfect exposed colour image under these circumstances might be called impressive! The support of the CompactFlash as well as the Memory Stick memory card proves a perfect knowledge of today's market by the marketing department. The CompactFlash memory card has a large market sector, is economical and is mainly used by professional and semi professional photographers. The large sized LCD monitor of 2,5 inch is pure luxury that we don't meet too often yet.

Beside this ode, there are also some critical notes, the visible presence of redeye (which could be prevented with nowadays internal processing techniques), the slow processing from RAW and TIFF images, at which the camera can't be used for some 10 seconds, the higher noise values at 400 and higher, a minimum ISO value of 100 compared to the ISO 50 on competing models, the lack of a quick button for White balance and ISO settings and the non-functioning of some important functions (NightFraming, NightShot and Hologram AF) when using the telephoto or wide converters.

Not one digital camera is perfect, neither is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3. However, in our opinion, Sony had developed an outstanding camera with an excellent photo quality. The innovative technique on board of the DSC-V3 stands on a high level and is not found in competing models. All in all we may conclude that the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 is truly recommendable to those who have high expectations concerning photo quality, colour rendition and the versatile applications.

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Sony Cybershot DSC V3 | Digital Camera


Sony Cybershot DSC V3
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