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Sony Cybershot DSC V3 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 is equipped with a dual memory slot. It is rather strange to see that the in-house developed Memory Stick has problems in offering high storage capacity for competing prices. It's mainly the CompactFlash dominating the offer of high storage capacities. During the last Photokina show, the 8GB version of the CompactFlash type I was introduced. Anyway, the owner of the DSC-V3 can choose from a variety of memory cards: Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and the CompactFlash type I. To get the utmost utility from the V3, a minimum storage capacity of 512MB is required. The Memory Stick with 4GB capacity is recently introduced, but it will take a while before it is actually available, and what's more important, at an affordable price. The captured images can be stored in different folders. This way it's possible to divide a memory card in different sections like: events, daytrips, holiday's etc. The images can be stored in one of the available folders. Beside that it is possible to protect all or some images against accidentally deleting or formatting, however the automatic rotation also gets blocked when reviewing the images. It is also possible to protect the entire Memory Stick.The camera has different resolution settings with linked to them the RAW and JPEG formats. The following resolutions can be chosen: 3072x2304; 2592x1944; 2048x1536; 1280x960; 640x480; and in JPEG 3072x2304; 3072x2048 (3:2); 2592x1944; 2048x1536; 1280x960; 640x480; and 320x240 pixels (in MultiBurst mode). The mentioned resolutions have a compression of Fine and Standard. Beside that the camera supports the TIFF format at which it is possible to store a TIFF format in every possible resolution. Video clips can be stored in 640x480 pixels and 160x112 pixels.
Sony Cybershot DSC V3 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC V3 | Digital Camera
Obviously a camera with an image sensor of 7.2 Megapixels requires a lot of storage capacity. Therefore, when purchasing the camera it is recommendable to buy a memory card with high storage capacity at the same time. Nowadays various memory cards are available with different speeds. During the Photokina, SanDisk announced the world's fastest version, the Extreme III that reaches a speed of 20MB per second. It is advisable to watch carefully the write and read speed of the memory card you are going to purchase, as well as the storage capacity. A camera like the Cyber-shot DSC-V3 benefits from a fast memory card because the information can be managed very quickly, by both camera and memory card.

Concerning a storage capacity of 512MB:

RAW 7M 25 images
RAW 5M 26 images
RAW 3M 27 images
RAW 1M 29 images

TIFF 7M 19 images
3:2 21 images
TIFF 5M 20 images
TIFF 3M 20 images
TIFF 1M 21 images

JPEG 7M 137 images – 268 images (Standard)
JPEG 3:2 idem
JPEG 5M 188 images – 354 images (Standard)
JPEG 3M 302 images – 537 images (Standard)
JPEG 1M 726 images – 1320 images (Standard)
The Cyber-shot DSC-V3 gets its energy from an InfoLithium battery, type NP-FR1. The NP-FR1 (3.6 volts, 4,4W) is recharged inside the camera through the standard delivered A/C power adapter. The advantage of the InfoLithium battery is the fact that it shows the precise information about the battery's remaining energy every minute. It is graphically displayed on the monitor, which is very user-friendly. An additional advantage is that the InfoLithium battery holds his energy for a long time, it does not discharge. Nothing is more annoying than getting an advanced camera in your hands with the expectation of capturing that one special moment, and to discover that the battery you fully reloaded last week is already empty again, discharged spontaneously.

Whether or not it's necessary in practice to purchase a second battery depends on the use and the possibility of recharging the battery. A fully charged NP-FR1 battery in combination with the DSC-V3 offers 2.5 hours of energy (inclusively using the LCD monitor). In practice this means many hundreds of images, eventually spread over a few days. The V3 handles his energy stock really well. The camera may be called economical and is improved again compared with his predecessor the DSC-V1.
Sony Cybershot DSC V3 Sony Cybershot DSC V3
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