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Sony Cybershot DSC W1 Camera review | Camera
The DSC-W1 is an exception as far as design is concerned compared with the present and previous series digital cameras. The camera has now obtained a more traditional design in stead of the long slim P-series cameras. The front of the camera is dominated by the Carl Zeiss lens and the ring around it. The viewfinder is placed top right next to the optical zoom lens which has a range of 38-114mm and the extremely small internal flash is placed on the left. Next to the zoom lens on the left side a small edge is placed to prevent fingers from getting in sight of the image during taking pictures. Between the edge and the lens a strong LED functions as an AF assistant illuminator and as a self timer led but then shining less. Next to the Sony logo at the front of the camera we also find a small microphone that won't easily be covered. The housing of the camera feels a little bit stiff, but lies comfortably in the hand and has rounded-off corners. In spite of the compact size of the camera a user with rather big hands won't find it a problem as where to put them!
Sony Cybershot DSC W1 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC W1 | Digital Camera
Looked upon from the back, on the left side we find the neatly finished memory compartment and also the video and A/C power connection. The cover closes very precisely and doesn't affect the tight shape of the camera. In the cover itself a small rubber cover is placed. Opening this latter one reveals the A/C power. A beautiful and thorough construction. The opposite side of the camera is equipped with the USB 2.0 port, again, neatly covered by a rubber cover.

On top of the camera once again we find the well-known Command Dial bearing the main programmes. If there is something that can be looked upon as a standard in digital photography, but also in traditional analogue photography, then it is the Command Dial. The wheel can be turned 360 degrees and gives a clear sound (a click) on every programme when dialling it. The shutter release button is placed in the centre of the Command Dial, and has a good and quick response, when pushing it, it is clearly perceptible when the image is taken. Next to the Command Dial a small on/off button is placed, which can be mistaken for the release button in the beginning, but this will be a once-only mistake!
The back is dominated by the large size TFT screen. This size of no less than 2.5 inch gives the DSC-W1 every clarity it needs. Suddenly the rendering of an index of 9 or 16 images becomes functional. This function is almost standard available on many digital cameras, however never really lives up to its promise on a monitor sized 1.8 inch or less. Above the monitor we find a small optical viewfinder. No problem in itself, in practice the 2.5 inch display will be more appealing to use as a viewfinder than gazing through a small optical viewfinder. Next to the monitor a limited amount of buttons is placed, amongst them the multi-functional control button. The operating panel on the back of the camera is very well-organised and adds to the user-friendliness.

The bottom of the DSC-W1 offers room to the speaker and a small reset button. Almost in the centre a metal universal tripod connection is placed and on the side the battery compartment. The cover can be opened by pushing a small catch and two AA batteries will appear. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1 is a beautifully finished digital camera with a high resolution of 5 Megapixels and a 3x optical zoom lens packed in a metal housing.
Sony Cybershot DSC W1 Sony Cybershot DSC W1
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