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Olympus E-5 Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus E-5 system camera review
When we only look at the specifications, it seems as if the Olympus E-5 has been surpassed on all sides by most camera manufacturers. However, practice leads to a completely different conclusion. The feeling you get as a photographer when you use the camera in practice, is that you feel like you are using a ‘finished’ product. Its predecessor, the E-3, already a remarkable DSLR camera with professional features at the time, and the Olympus E-5 has improved or renewed its finest details. It is very solid, very complete and very versatile.

Olympus E-5 Micro Four Thirds camera
Of course there are points that Olympus still has to improve upon with the E-series. You can ask yourself if this is Olympus’ strategy, to fully develop these points within the E-series. We expect that the Micro Four Thirds assortment will largely take over this task. We also expect that the Olympus E-5 is the latest top model from the E-series of DSLR cameras.

Olympus E-5 camera body
The Olympus E5 is a true work horse. With a dust and water resistant body, an effectively working anti-dust system, tilting LCD screen, super-fast AF-system, built-in image stabilization and Live View, the Olympus E-5 offers photographers everything they need to achieve an absolute high-level, professional photo performance. With an E-5 body you get a powerful set of tools. There is one but… and that is the necessity for first quality optics. The Olympus E-5 performs optimally in combination with, for example, the Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0, and you should keep that in mind. Investing in such pricey lenses is rewarded in absolute outstanding quality.

Olympus E-5 review conclusion
Olympus photographers that have invested in the Four Thirds system will be able to keep shooting at the highest level. Pure reliability and stability are the key words to use for the E-5. Photographers with videographer tendencies might look at the competition or focus on a second Micro Four Thirds system camera. Shooting video with a DSLR or system camera is making great headway, but the E-5 will not get to experience that. Olympus is focused on pure photography with the E-5 and that will surely be received warmly by the photographers’ legion.

Olympus E-5 | Digital Camera


Olympus E-5
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