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Olympus E-5 Camera review | Control
Whoever already has experience with the E-3 shall find many similarities in terms of operation. The many buttons give direct access to the most important settings and functions. On the back of the body the program setting (P/S/A/M) can be adjusted immediately via the so-called Mode button. Push and turn the dial, and you have fast operation actions that save a lot of time. Naturally you can quickly adjust other functions according to preference such as ISO, white balance, AF, etc. It depends on the type of setting or function whether the dial on the front or the back of the camera is used. After having used the Olympus E5 for a while in practice, it becomes automatic to make the right adjustment, and you keep getting faster at it.
Olympus E-5 | Digital Camera Olympus E-5 | Digital Camera
Olympus E-5 status display
The status display on top of the camera gives an overview of the setting choices, but frankly I prefer a large display. A more extensive overview with different menus gives access to all thinkable settings. Once you get into the menu, you are confronted with very extensive applications and support that the Olympus E-5 offers for photography on every level.

Olympus E-5 camera settings
The camera settings take up most of the menu. Spread out over two menus, as a photographer you can completely install the Olympus E-5 according to your own wishes, down to the last detail. The working of the camera can also be adjusted accurately, so that you can really make the E5 your own. For a photographer that is taking the step from an amateur DSLR to the Olympus E-5, it will undoubtedly be necessary to study the manual. All of the setting possibilities and functions are quickly dizzying.

Olympus E-5 Fn-button
The Olympus E5 also has a programmable button, which we consider indispensable for the practiced photographer. The Fn-button can include different functions such as Live preview, One-Touch white balance, Face recognition, etc. Everyone has their own priorities, but being able to activate a certain function quickly via the Fn-button is ideal in any case. Such handy functionality is characteristic for a serious DSLR camera.

Camera review Olympus
Olympus E-5 solid system camera
Moreover, whoever holds the Olympus E-5 for the first time, will be immediately impressed with its solid build. The weight is representative, as the Olympus E-5’s body with 12-60mm lens weighs about 1500 grams. The body has dust and water resistant features that are ideal for photography under dusty or wet circumstances. The Olympus E-5 is built for the field, a feature that is evident from everything such as the solid build, the very solid finishing and the fact that it is dust and water resistant. The Olympus E-5 is very pleasant to handle, which is especially thanks to the shapely hand grip.

Olympus E-5 creative filters
New for this segment, Olympus Pro DSLR cameras have built-in creative filters. You can choose from a mere ten filters, from pop-art to dramatic tone, from soft-sepia to soft-focus. Normally we are not such filter fans, but just like in the PEN series, the filter effects are applied directly in the camera, so that as a photographer you also consider the type of filter while making up the composition. That has a very different effect on the photography than when you apply filters after having made the shot. In our opinion, creative filters are a valuable application and also add extra creativity during photography.

Camera reviews Olympus
Olympus E-5 Olympus E-5
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