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Olympus E-5 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus E-5 system camera review : In the summer of 2003 Olympus launched the world’s first Four Thirds system camera, the E-1. It was a daring move, completely against the grain, but that made it so unique. It was the beginning of a new segment within the DSLR market. This beginning was anything but easy and it took a mere four years before a successor came, which was the E-3. In the meantime, new Four Thirds cameras were introduced by Olympus, but they were aimed at the amateur. The most recent ‘professional’ model is the Olympus E-5, the Four Thirds system camera that we will discuss in this Olympus E-5 review.

Olympus E-5 Micro Four Thirds system camera
Next to the Four Thirds series, Olympus worked on a new line of compact system cameras that have been available for a few years. These Micro Four Thirds system cameras are the results of developments that have taken place in the segment in which the Olympus E5 is found. Olympus already had a compact system camera planned, among other things, before the launching the first Four Thirds camera; however, the technology that was needed for such a small model was not ready for mass production. One could actually see the Olympus E-series cameras as a stepping stone.

Olympus E-5 camera design
The Olympus E-5 resembles its predecessor a lot. The large pentaprisma makes for a comparison with other professional DSLR cameras. However, part of this ‘block’ on top of the camera offers a place for the built-in flash, a piece with which Olympus meets the demand of photographers for such a handy little flash. The Olympus E5’s hand grip is almost the same as that of the E-3. The camera is very comfortable and stable to handle thanks to the hand grip’s rubbery exterior.

Olympus E-5 LCD monitor
The lack of a command dial on top of the camera with the main programs is noteworthy. Of course the programs do exist; they can now only be accessed via the display on the back of the camera. The 3-inch display is renewed and is now larger and has a higher resolution. This is clearly an improvement in comparison with the E-3. The 920.000 dots resolution ensures a nice display and, next to the possibility of folding out and tilting the screen, also a pleasant user experience.

Olympus E5 dust- & water resistant body
The Olympus E5’s body is top quality. The dust and water resistant body is made out of magnesium alloy and has a very solid finishing. The camera has an effective weapon against every type of dust, thanks to the in-house developed anti-dust system (Supersonic Wave). A transparent filter is placed between the shutter and the image sensor so that no dust can fall directly onto the sensor. Every time the Supersonic Wave filter is activated, the dust is shaken off quickly and captured by a type of sticky strip.

Olympus E-5 review
Upon first glance, we see an E-3 with a larger screen, but the Olympus E-5 has much more to offer. The image sensor has improved, it has a new processor and we discovered a couple of new functions. xD flash memory is no longer supported; instead the SD/SDHC platform in combination with the CompactFlash memory card was chosen to replace it. At the moment, the Olympus E-5 is at the top of the Four Thirds system camera segment. It is time to read our findings in the following Olympus E-5 review.

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Olympus E-5

"The Olympus E-5 is the successor to the E-3, and is clearly designed for the demanding, semi-professional and professional photographer. The Olympus E-5 is an incredibly solid, dependable DSLR camera. It is a camera with which you can work in any circumstance, it is a loyal workhorse, if you want. The finishing is of high quality and the Olympus E-5 emanates reliability in all its facets."

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Olympus E-5 | Digital Camera

  Olympus E-5
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