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Canon PowerShot S95 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Canon PowerShot S95 has had an update in SD format memory card support. Next to SD and SDHC cards, SDXC memory cards can be used in combination with the Canon S95. Secure Digital eXtended Capacity, or SDXC, is a new generation SD-card with a minimal storage capacity of 48GB and will increase each year up to 2TB. Thus, there is no lack of storage.
Canon PowerShot S95 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot S95 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot S95 JPEG & RAW format
The ten Megapixel shots taken with the Canon PowerShot S95 are fairly compact in JPEG format. Although, the largest capacity needed for RAW images and especially combined JPEG+RAW images take up some space. Consider about 18MB per shot. In terms of speed, the Canon S95 has not improved compared with the S90. With an image speed of about 2.5-2.8 for a shot in JPEG and RAW format, the camera is fairly average. Continuous shooting has increased in speed. Especially the JPEG images are processed more quickly. Still, a speed of about 1.9 images per second is not really sufficient for capturing a series of action shots. The measurements were made without using the internal flash. With flash shots, it takes about 5.5 seconds to charge the flash, which is pretty long.

Considering 4GB of storage capacity:
10 Megapixels - 3648x2736 - JPEG - Fine - 2565KB - 1471 pictures
10 Megapixels - 3648x2736 - JPEG - Normal - 1226KB - 3017 pictures
6 Megapixels - 2816x2112 - JPEG - Fine - 1620KB - 2320 pictures
6 Megapixels - 2816x2112 - JPEG - Normal - 780KB - 4641 pictures
2 Megapixels - 1600x1200 - JPEG - Fine - 558KB - 6352 pictures
2 Megapixels - 1600x1200 - JPEG - Normal - 278KB - 12069 pictures
0.3 Megapixels - 640x480 - JPEG - Fine - 150KB - 20116 pictures
0.3 Megapixels - 640x480 - JPEG - Normal - 84KB - 30174 pictures
Video Resolution 1280x720 pixels - 24 fps - 25 min 8 sec
Video Resolution 640x480 pixels - 30 fps - 43 min 43 sec
Video Resolution 320x240 pixels - 30 fps - 1 hour 58 min 19 sec

Canon charger
Canon S95 equipped with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface
The Canon PowerShot S95 camera has been equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. It transfers pictures at a high speed. The speed of the Canon S95 compact camera is stable and fast. If you want to make things simple for yourself, and don't want the hassle of working with a cable all the time, you might want to purchase a fast USB 2.0 High Speed card reader, which does not require connecting the camera. It's fast, easy and saves battery capacity.

Canon PowerShot S95 uses Li-Ion accu
The Canon PowerShot S95 uses a Lithium Ion battery that can be charged with an external charger. The battery life is a bit disappointing. According to CIPA measurements, about 200 shots can be made with a fully charged battery. These measurements are made under conditions that are not always equal to those in practice, so you should consider fewer shots. A second battery is recommended for the active photographer.

Canon PowerShot review
Canon PowerShot S95 Canon PowerShot S95
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