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Canon PowerShot S95 Camera review | Control
The Canon PowerShot S95’s compact format actually makes a hand grip impossible. Still, it has been made possible to offer some grip through the use of a bit rougher material for the body. It does not make much difference in practice, but if you pick up the camera quickly to capture action, you have to be sure that you are holding the camera well enough. This is one of the drawbacks of very compact dimensions.
Canon PowerShot S95 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot S95 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot S95 camera operation
The Canon S95’s control is fairly straightforward. The settings dial with the main programs on it is luckily a bit stiffer, so that you will not quickly change programs unintentionally. This has happened to me a few times while picking up a compact camera, after which I find out while shooting that the camera was not on the right settings. A stiffer settings dial prevents these kinds of troubles.

Canon PowerShot S95 camera settings
The Canon PowerShot S95’s zoom button has changed and moved. In my opinion, the Canon S95’s zoom button is positioned more logically and at the same time offers more room for the right thumb. This was a bit inconvenient in the S90, so that the thumb often changed the settings unintentionally. Zooming in with the Canon PowerShot S95 is great and fairly fast. The 28-105 range is fine for all-round photography and the brightness of f/2.0-4.9 is good on average for diverse subjects. Still, I had rather seen that Canon had taken the step to a wider angle, like in the Panasonic LX5. This competitor offers a 24-90mm range and maintains am aperture range of f/2.0 to f/3.3. This gives just a bit more room to play with metering and range for the enthusiastic photographer. Perhaps this is for a next generation of PowerShot S-cameras?

PowerShot S95 review
Canon S95 features a 3" LCD monitor
The 3-inch format screen still has the fine reproduction that its predecessor had. The colorful reproduction does lead to disappointment now and then when the image is displayed on another screen. The screen has the tendency to show the colors more intense than they really are. There is nothing wrong with that, it is a nice display, but you do need to keep this in mind. The screen can be used well outdoors, even under the bright sun. There is some reflection, but it is still fine to work with.

Canon PowerShot S95 camera menu
The group of buttons to the right of the screen is pretty much identical to that of the S90. The functions and settings, as well as the navigation, are self-evident. The Canon PowerShot S95’s control is simple and offers the experienced as well as the beginner user a friendly and simple ease of use. The S95 camera’s menu structure is familiar, at least for the Canon users. The menu is divided into different tabs and offers a clear overview of the different functions and settings. Navigation is simple, via the ring of the multifunctional control button, or via the so-called ‘arrow’ buttons.

S95 review
Canon PowerShot S95 Canon PowerShot S95
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