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Samsung NX100 Camera review | Adjustments
Upon arrival of a Samsung NX100 test sample, it is tested in our DIWA Lab. The technical data of the rigorous tests are processed and translated into understandable data. Inside the lab, testing takes place in standardized circumstances. An environment in which cameras, both compact and system concepts can be compared without a problem. Besides that, the Samsung NX100 camera is extensively used in practice and evaluated as for operation and shooting in practice. This combination of lab tests and the testing in practice, results in a final conclusion that is carefully reviewed.
Samsung NX100 | Digital Camera Samsung NX100 | Digital Camera
Samsung NX100 color reproduction
The technical tests in the DIWA Lab are very extensive and include the largest amount of measurements. One of the standard tests that are performed is color reproduction. Compared with the Gretag Macbeth Colorchecker, Samsung NX100’s color reproduction deviates slightly. The reproduction is even throughout the entire ISO range, with a slight peak at 800 ISO. The colors appear fairly natural, and only certain color channels are slightly oversaturated. The Samsung NX100 handles white balance excellently. The camera is effectively able to filter color haze throughout the entire ISO range.

ISO range of the Samsung NX100
The APS-H format CMOS image sensor offers a resolution of 14.6 Megapixels. The sensor delivers images with little noise up to 400 ISO. At 800 ISO noise becomes slightly visible, but this does not have to mean anything in practice. From 1600 ISO up to 6400 ISO, noise becomes more or less a problem, and is especially visible at 3200 ISO, resulting in a visible decrease in quality. The noise reduction causes loss of detail and the color noise is not good for the general quality. 1600 ISO images are acceptable quality and enough to print in A4 format.

Samsung NX100 dynamic range
The dynamic range is an area in which there is room for improvement for the Samsung NX100. Up to 200 ISO an excellent dynamic range is maintained with an optimal amount of details in darker and lighter areas of the image. At 800 ISO the range has decreased so much that we can only speak of a satisfactory level. 1600 ISO shows a notable loss of detail in the darker and lighter areas, in comparison with the previous ISO values. Samsung should pay more attention to this in the coming generations.

Samsung NX100 image quality
The standard Samsung 20-50mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens has a bit of a limited range and has to work without any kind of stabilization. Still, this standard zoom lens stands out in image quality. This is surprising, as the average kit lenses often barely suffice. The Samsung 20-50mm lens proves to be different. Image sharpness is optimal throughout the entire aperture range. Only at F22 can slight blurring be seen, but it is negligible. This is a very good result.

Samsung NX100 distortion of the lens
The measurements made for distortion are just as good. There are hardly any measurable differences and this result in very boring graphics, with just a few flat lines that are almost all on the zero line. In other words, Samsung manages to achieve top results with this lens and the Samsung NX100. It appears as if the necessary software corrections are performed inside the camera in order to eliminate such errors.

Chromatic aberration and vignetting
This is also possible in the measurements for chromatic aberration, among others. We are also seeing a very good result in which a purple haze only appears along the borders of the subject in the widest angle and tele in certain high-contrast situations. We have to use a magnifying glass for that, so in practice it is not such an issue. The Samsung 20-50mm zoom lens is not hindered by vignetting either. There is no real visible form of vignetting over the entire focal range.

14,6 megapixel Samsung NX100 system camera
The Samsung NX100 comes with a notably well-performing lens. The combination of the camera and the lens in any case, is very good. The Samsung NX100 is a fine system camera. There may be some room for improvement, but we already consider it to perform well in the state it is now.

Samsung NX100 Samsung NX100
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