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Samsung NX100 Camera review | Control
Photography with a digital camera will be easy for most consumers. Still, pleasure in photography often depends on a clearly laid out and user-friendly interface. Samsung has thought up something new for the NX100, the i-Function lens. To be honest, when we first heard about it, we were a bit skeptical. Why is it so complicated, why a new system? But once we went out with the Samsung NX100, we were quickly convinced. The so-called i-Function is very easy to use and offers all the convenience that you could hope for.
Samsung NX100 | Digital Camera Samsung NX100 | Digital Camera
i-Function on the Samsung NX100
By activating the i-Function of the lens, you can adjust all the important settings without having to leave the camera display. This depends on the (P/S/A/M) mode to which the camera is set. The graphic display of the settings is nicely executed and conveniently arranged. Of course you can always choose the ‘old-fashioned’ way of adjusting the settings on the camera, but I am personally very enthusiastic about this form of control.

Internal flash misses with the Samsung NX100
However, there is one point of critique, and that is the lack of an internal flash. It is actually quite surprising, as one of the pioneers of the system cameras (Olympus) also launched its first models without a flash. That resulted in the necessary criticism, and it is therefore not surprising that their most recent model is now equipped with a flash. Moreover, Samsung is not the only one; Sony also launched its first system cameras (NEX) without a built-in flash, but just like Samsung, supports an external flash. That seems pretty to the contradictory. As a manufacturer you aim for the most compact system camera as possible, with a lot of ease of use and user-friendliness, but increase the size of the camera by recommending an optional flash and therefore losing convenience. That’s strange! We would like to see an internal flash in the new generation of NX-cameras.

NX100 review
Samsung NX100 offers photo and video recording possibility
For the rest, the Samsung NX100 makes for pleasant photography. The AF speed is nice and fast and will be enough for standard photography, and capturing spontaneous moments. Samsung is not yet using Full HD video in the NX100, which is remarkable. The competition, such as Panasonic, is further developed in this area, but that does come with a price. Not everyone is keen on shooting video with a photo camera, so it is not really a deficiency as far as we are concerned. For that matter, it is possible to shoot standard HD (720p) video clips.

Samsung NX100 kit lens
The standard kit lens (20-50mm F3.5-5.6) does not have a stabilization system. The Samsung NX100 also does not have a stabilization system built in, making photography without flash difficult in low-light situations. Samsung’s roadmap shows that we can soon expect new lenses in which stabilization will undoubtedly play a role.

Samsung NX100
Samsung NX100 Samsung NX100
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