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Sony Alpha 55 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Sony SLT-A55 camera supports several formats of memory cards and storage capacities. The Sony A55 of course fully supports Sony’s own card, the Memory Stick Duo, as well as SD, SDHC and SDXC. The memory card market is not so clear. For example, there is a limited capacity for all cards. The Sony A55 supports all of them, so there is nothing to worry about there. When, for example, the SDXC is used, it is not a matter of fact that this card can be used for the camcorder and SD-card slot. The manual or online support page should be consulted first.
Sony Alpha 55 | Digital Camera Sony Alpha 55 | Digital Camera
Sony A55 supports SDXC memory cards
With SDXC support, there will be no shortage of storage capacity. SDXC is currently available in 48 and 64 GB, but the capacity will be doubled each year for the coming years, to end up in an impressive 2TB storage capacity! The largest file is the combined RAW+JPEG shot, which is a file size of about 25MB. You can shoot about 320 of these and save them onto an 8GB card. Based on the highest possible level of quality and settings, an 8GB, preferably a 16GB SDHC memory card is recommended.

Sony Alpha 55 supports JPEG and RAW
The Sony Alpha 55 is a surprisingly good performer while shooting action shots. The so-called Translucent Mirror technology makes it possible to shoot very quickly, at 10 frames per second in the highest resolution. JPEG, RAW or JPEG+RAW does not make any difference in terms of speed, which is a remarkably good performance! The Sony SLT-A55’s buffer has been adapted and is capable of processing 18 RAW+JPEG, 19 RAW or 39 JPEG Fine shots. Focusing is fast, but not completely comparable with that of the professional DSLR camera. Especially the predictive focus is not included in the Sony A55. For a consumer camera in this segment, the Sony Alpha 55’s AF is absolutely fantastic.

Considering 4GB of storage capacity
Resolution 16 Megapixels - RAW - 3:2 - 220 pictures
Resolution 16 Megapixels - RAW&JPEG - 3:2 - 154 pictures
Resolution 16 Megapixels - JPEG - Fine - 3:2 - 548 pictures
Resolution 16 Megapixels - JPEG - Standard - 3:2 - 781 pictures

Video Resolution 1920x1080 pixels - AVCHD - 28 min 30 sec
Video Resolution 1440x1080 pixels - MP4 - 41 min 40 sec
Video Resolution 640x480 pixels - MP4 - 2 hours 31 min 10 sec

Sony SLT-55 equipped with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface
The Sony Alpha 55 has been equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. It transfers pictures at a high speed. The speed of the Sony A55 is stable and fast. If you want to make things simple for yourself, and don't want the hassle of working with a cable all the time, you might want to purchase a fast USB 2.0 High Speed card reader, which does not require.
Sony Alpha 55 equipped with Li-Ion battery
The Sony Alpha 55 uses a Li-Ion battery, and comes with a separate battery charger. According to CIPA measurements, a fully charged battery delivers about 350-390 shots. That mostly depends on the way in which you shoot with the Sony Alpha 55. If you use the LCD display on the back a lot, which seems to us to be the most obvious, you will have to charge your battery more often or perhaps have an extra battery around. The Sony A55 always has one of the two electronic displays turned on, which has a negative drawback. Battery use is higher than that of the traditional DSLR camera.

Review Sony Alpha
Sony Alpha 55 Sony Alpha 55
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