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Canon PowerShot G12 Camera review | Adjustments
The stabilized 5x optical zoom lens has a range of 28-140mm (35mm format), which makes all-round photography possible. Canon introduced a 6x zoom in the G9, but this was without a true wide angle. The 28mm wide angle is very pleasant and we would even like future generations to have a 24mm. The Canon PowerShot G12’s lens performs really well with a minimum amount of visible blurring in the corners. Slight chromatic aberration is noticeable, but it is not disagreeable. It is a fine lens, and its merits were already present in the G11.
Canon PowerShot G12 | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G12 | Digital Camera
Canon G12 distortion and chromatic aberration
In the wide angle there is always distortion visible, which is no different in the Canon G12. The distortion is average, and may be edited away with software, which is something that Panasonic is really good at. Distortion in the tele range is small enough to neglect, as is the case with the purplish glow around strongly contrasting subjects. This chromatic aberration is only slightly present in wide angle shots and can be easily deleted with a bit of image editing. I personally prefer a more effective, automatic image editing in the camera, so that JPEG images come out almost flawlessly.

Canon PowerShot G12 viewfinder and LCD screen
The Canon PowerShot G12’s viewfinder is experienced as very narrow. I honestly would prefer to see it disappear or return in a larger, improved version in the next generation. Still, there is an advantage to using the viewfinder: energy consumption. The difference between using an activated display and not using it lies in the number of shots that you can take on one battery charge. The camera’s LCD display suffices and is even a good option in bright sunlight. The image shown on the LCD display is also more accurate than that of the optical viewfinder.

Canon PowerShot G12 colour reproduction
The Canon PowerShot G12’s color reproduction has excellent and very natural color saturation. Skin tones are not completely neutral, but will be mostly satisfactory. The Canon G12 allows you to manually adjust the color saturation as well as the sharpness and contrast, according to your own wishes. This allows for an accurate adjustment, and every photographer will be completely satisfied.
Canon PowerShot G12 image quality
The Canon PowerShot G12’s image quality is very good. The camera benefits from the experience gained from all the previous generations. This experience, in combination with the EOS-experience, has given Canon an excellent base to turn this PowerShot camera into an absolute top-quality compact camera. There is little left to wish for, and we can almost conclude that only a radical hardware or software revolution will improve the general assessment of the next generation of PowerShot G-cameras.

Canon G12
Canon PowerShot G12 Canon PowerShot G12
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