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Canon PowerShot G12 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot G12 digital camera review : Canon has an impressive amount of successful camera series. Recently, ten years of the Digital IXUS camera was celebrated, which is still a good seller. The Canon PowerShot G-series is such a camera line that is especially popular among enthusiastic amateur photographers, but also professional photographers that want to have an extra compact camera on the side. Just before the start of the Photokina 2010, Canon introduced its most recent G-model, the Canon PowerShot G12.

Canon PowerShot G12 video mode
The Canon PowerShot G12 is a follow-up of the G11, with a few improved features added. There is an improved video mode and the Canon G12 records 720p HD quality with stereo sound. The stabilization system has also been improved, which is especially useful for close-ups. Additionally, it is easier to photograph a straight horizon with the built-in level, and the camera supports different aspect ratios: 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 16:9 and 4:5 formats. The new HDR (High Dynamic Range) function that was first introduced in the PowerShot S95 camera, is now also included in the Canon PowerShot G12 camera. The Canon G12 also supports the Eye-Fi flash memory card with Wi-Fi support.

10 Megapixel Canon PowerShot G12 camera
These improvements may seem marginal at first, but clearly show that Canon invested a lot in previous generations in order to create an advanced compact camera. The G11 was already very respectable. However, I had expected that, seeing the success of the so-called backside illuminated image sensor, Canon would have included this technology in its G-series cameras. The ten Megapixels resolution is maintained and the combination with the fast DIGIC 4 processor has now received a name: the HS System (High Sensitivity System).

Canon G12 advanced compact camera
The Canon PowerShot G12 is the same as its predecessor in terms of the exterior, so that it is recognizable as a typical G-series camera. A small exception is the extra settings dial on top of the hand grip, a feature that is taken over from the EOS-segment, which improves control. The Canon G12’s finishing is solid and firm. It is a camera that emanates quality and is comfortable to handle. With everything you notice that the Canon PowerShot G12 is the flag-ship of the Canon compact camera family.

Canon PowerShot G12 camera design
The back of the Canon G12 is also equipped with a handy, foldable screen. The 2.8-inch format is unchanged and the 461.000 dots are excellent, which guarantees a high-quality display. Next to the built-in flash, it is also possible to mount a Canon Speedlite flash. This is ideal for EOS-photographers, as it definitely improves the effect of flash photography, and they often already own a dedicated flash. It does, of course, make the camera bigger, but if you are looking for quality...

Canon PowerShot G12 review and DIWA Labs test
The Canon PowerShot G12 is a wonderful camera for the photo fan, the enthusiastic amateur or (semi-)pro photographer. It is a camera with which you can express your creativity, and a camera with which you can easily and quickly take snapshots as well. We took the Canon G12 with us for a test shoot, and it was tested extensively for technical aspects in the DIWA Lab. Our findings can be read in the following Canon PowerShot G12 review.

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Canon PowerShot G12

"The Canon PowerShot G12 is an advanced digital camera, a perfect (extra) small camera for the enthusiastic and professional photographer. The Canon PowerShot G12 digital camera features full manual mode with RAW format giving the photographer complete control."

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Canon PowerShot G12 | Digital Camera

  Canon PowerShot G12
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