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Canon IXUS 300 HS Camera review | Control
With specifications such as a special CMOS image sensor and a bright lens, the photographer’s expectations are stirred. Canon does not disappoint. Next to the automatic setting options, it is indeed possible for photographers to work with the known Av and Tv modes, or rather aperture- and shutter speed priority. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a true minimal depth of field, even at f/2.0 aperture, but this is inherent to the small format of the sensor and the accompanying large depth of field.
Canon IXUS 300 HS | Digital Camera Canon IXUS 300 HS | Digital Camera
Photography with the Canon IXUS 300 HS
Creative photography is definitely possible, and whoever is not completely familiar with basic photography concepts, can easily depend on the Smart Auto mode. This setting has a so-called Scene Detection program. Based on certain parameters, the camera recognizes the scene to which the camera should be tuned, completely automatically. Then, the Canon IXUS 300HS camera optimizes the sharpness and metering. The Canon 300HS has at least 20 pre-programmed scenes.

Canon IXUS review
Canon IXUS 300HS with renewed face detection
All modern cameras nowadays are equipped with handy functions such as face detection or -recognition and take another shot if the person in the portrait had his eyes closed. Even a shot made using the self-timer becomes a piece of cake. You no longer have to run to the subject in record time in order to be part of the picture. With the so-called Face Self Timer, the Canon IXUS 300 HS waits until an extra face is detected in the frame!

Canon IXUS camera review
Canon IXUS 300 HS Canon IXUS 300 HS
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