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Samsung NX10 Camera review | Control
The Samsung NX10 looks like a regular DSLR and that is also how the control works. The only thing that you notice while controlling the camera is that you cannot look through an optical viewfinder. Everything is pretty self-evident for the rest, even if you are used to working with a compact camera, you don’t have to think too hard about how to control the Samsung NX10.
Samsung NX10 | Digital Camera Samsung NX10 | Digital Camera
Samsung NX10 settings
Most of the settings can be chosen directly with one button, you don’t have to open the menu very often. I find that that works very pleasantly. You have to get to know your way around the camera before you can find every button blindly. Apart from the menu button, everything is found in a pretty logical place. The buttons are a bit small, but are easy to control. For the one time that there is no separate button available, it can be found under the function button. It gives you access to the quick menu where the most important functions can quickly be chosen. Every setting change is clearly displayed on the screen. On the one hand, it looks a bit cheap, with large symbols and texts. But on the other hand, it is very clear. I am actually quite charmed by how Samsung presents everything on the screen.

Samsung NX10 camera menu
The menu is very clearly layed out. That’s also because there are not many tabs. Samsung has chosen to limit the amount of settings. There is something to be said for that. The user is not overloaded with all kinds of choices that the user may not even understand and actually makes it harder to take a good photo. The Samsung NX10 is not primarily made for the advanced or professional photographer, but for the people that grow out of their compact camera. The menu is perfect for that target group, if you ask me.

Samsung digital camera review
Samsung NX10 AMOLED display
The large AMOLED display is very pleasant to work with in practice. Even with a lot of sunlight you still have a fair image. In case there is too much light, you can use the electronic viewfinder. You clearly see that the quality is less, but it can be worked with. In most cases I just used the AMOLED. It is actually too beautiful not to use it.

Focussing with the Samsung NX10
Cameras such as the Samsung NX10 do not have a dedicated autofocus sensor and you notice that in the focusing. It is slower than a real DSLR, but it is faster than an average compact camera. If I compare the Samsung X10 with the Micro Four Thirds, then the focusing speed is somewhere in between the Panasonic G-series and the Olympus PEN. The NX10 is not ideal for truly fast action photography, but for day to day photos, I don’t see a problem. You might have to think ahead sometimes, but that can’t hurt in photography.

Samsung NX10 lenses
During the test I used three lenses. I actually almost only used the 30 mm pancake. First of all, I find a fixed focal point to be quite pleasant, because you then start to think a lot more about what you are photographing. But the Samsung NX10 in combination with the 30 mm is especially very compact. It fits perfectly in a jacket pocket, for example. Personally, I would actually go for this combination, a Samsung NX10 with a pancake.

Samsung digital camera review
Samsung NX10 Samsung NX10
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