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Samsung NX10 Digital camera review | Introduction
Samsung NX10 digital system camera review : Samsung makes a lot of stuff, including cameras. In the past, they were actually Pentax clones. At least on the outside they were clones, because Samsung has made sensors for a lot longer. If you only make clones, you will not be taken very seriously as a camera manufacturer. So Samsung developed its own model. It has few similarities to previous models. Despite the fact that you can change the lenses on the Samsung NX10, it is not even a digital SLR camera.

Samsung NX10 system camera
Just like the Micro Four Thirds, Samsung has left the mirror out of the design, so that you have to work with the image that comes directly in front of the sensor. There are some advantages to such a construction. First of all, you can make it a lot more compact, because you do not have to make room for a mirror and prism housing. Additionally, you always see precisely what will be shown in the photo, as you actually see what the sensor captures. Moreover, you can show extra information, like a histogram. Ideal for good metering. Other than that, not much else is new. We already know the Micro Four Thirds for some time, and Live View is generally known in DSLRs, and of course in compact cameras.

Samsung NX10 with APS-C format sensor
What makes the Samsung NX10 unique is that the camera has a large sensor. It is not a full frame, as Samsung does not make those (yet?), but APS-C format. The consequence is that it is a bit less compact, but does have advantages in terms of image quality. The Samsung NX10's sensor has 14.6 million pixels. That is more than the Micro Four Thirds has, but because the sensor is quite a bit larger, it is not detrimental. In proportion, the pixels are still quite a bit larger.

Samsung NX10 equipped with 3" AMOLED display
Samsung is also manufacturer of AMOLED screens and the Samsung NX10 profits from that. The camera has a 3-inch AMOLED display on the back. That outclasses the usual LCD-displays, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of energy use. If you would rather use a viewfinder, then the NX10 also has an electronic viewfinder.

Samsung NX10 review
Together with the NX10, Samsung has also introduced three lenses for the new system. The other Samsung (and Pentax) lenses only fit onto the camera with a special adapter. Samsung announced that another five new lenses will be coming shortly. The most interesting lens that is now available is the 30 mm pancake, because it makes for the most compact system. That is indeed a big advantage of a mirror-less system. We tested the Samsung NX10 with the 30 mm pancake, among others. Our findings can be read in the next Samsung NX10 review.

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Samsung NX10

"The Samsung NX10 features a 14.6 Megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor up in a new compact, digital SLR-style body. It also features a unique, large format 3-inch AMOLED display, which in practice is very comfortable in practical use. The following Samsung NX10 photos were taken during in Las Vegas, with a pre-production camera sample."

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Samsung NX10 | Digital Camera

  Samsung NX10
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