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Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 Camera review | Adjustments
The 10x zoom range gives the photographer a lot of freedom to capture the subjects around him. The Sony Cybershot HX5 is not equipped with the biggest zoom range such as the Canon en Panasonic mega zoom cameras, but the range of 25-250 is more than enough with its wide angle for all round photography. The zoom lens does well in practice. The wide angle has little noticeable distortion, and only some chromatic aberration is visible on the edges of the image. The tele position also looks good, and the distortion and chromatic aberration are under control here as well.
Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 | Digital Camera
Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5 color saturation
The Sony Cybershot HX5’s saturation is good and only slightly deviates from the Gretag Macbeth Colorchecker color chart. The colors are very natural, yet powerful. The red and blue channels are a bit less saturated, but that only seems to do the general color experience good. The Sony HX5 also performs very well in capturing skin tones, which is an excellent achievement.

Sony Cyber-Shot review
Sony CyberShot HX5 noise reduction
Almost all digital compact cameras have problems with noise in the high ISO values, and the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5 is not an exception to the rule. The Sony HX5 performs very well up to 800 ISO. The low ISO values show many details, and from 400 ISO the effect of the internal noise suppression becomes visible. From 1600 ISO, details are lost and this means the end of good, proportional quality. This is not a big disgrace, as it is actually very typical for a compact camera.

Cyber-Shot review
Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 Sony Cybershot DSC HX5
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