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Digital Camera Specifications

Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 Camera review | Control
The top of the Sony HX5 gives direct access to the most important programs. The well-known command-dial is placed in a pleasant location, all the way to the side, on top of the handgrip. The size of the pictograms on the settings dial is a bit on the small side, and I can imagine that it may be difficult to read for some. There is a ring placed around the shutter release button which gives access to the 10x optical zoom lens. Zooming is quick, but it is not easy to zoom in with precision. There is some delay when the zoom button is released. Zooming then continues a bit, so it becomes difficult to frame precisely.
Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 | Digital Camera
Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5 camera menu
Navigating the menu happens with the multifunctional button to the right of the display. We also noticed some lag here, when trying to leaf through the settings quickly. This is a bothersome characteristic for a photographer who wants to quickly change something in the menu. The multi-control button has double functions that are determined by the main program that is chosen. It takes a bit of figuring out what is adjusted when. If you don’t change from main program much, you will quickly be in command of the buttons’ different characteristics.

Sony DSC-HX5 review
Record videos with the Sony DSC-HX5
The special video button, with which a video clip can be initiated, is located in a smart place. Other manufacturers have the tendency to place the video button right on the place where you would grab the camera when taking it out of your pocket. This has as consequence that you may shoot an unintended video clip now and then. With the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5 that is not the case. The screen on the back has a nice display with a standard resolution of 230.000 pixels. There seems to be a scratch resistant layer on the display that is crazy about fingerprints. If you can’t stand them, then you have to keep polishing endlessly. The display is good even in sunny circumstances.

Sony HX5 review
Sony Cybershot DSC HX5 Sony Cybershot DSC HX5
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