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Olympus Mju 9010 Camera review | Control
The Olympus Mju 9010 is aimed at the user that prioritizes user-friendliness and simple operation. Straightforward photography, one push of the button and you're done. Indeed, Olympus has kept it pretty simple with the Mju 9010. There are a lot of automatic programs, complemented with pre-programmed scenes so that even the beginner photographer can get creative. Just like all current compact cameras, the Olympus Mju 9010 does not have a viewfinder. You do, however, get a very pleasant display format in return, of 2.7-inches. Because the Olympus Mju 9010 has a display with HyperCrystal II technology, it is twice as clear with direct sunlight, which makes a big difference.
Olympus Mju 9010 | Digital Camera Olympus Mju 9010 | Digital Camera
Olympus Mju 9010 equipped with double image stabilisation
With such a large zoom range, in practice it seems that it is difficult to photograph without a tripod and not have blurry images. Therefore, Olympus has equipped the camera with double image stabilization, which is made up of mechanical stabilization and digital stabilization. Mechanical stabilization is most effective in maintaining quality, while the digital version is meant for higher ISOs, although it does bring the danger of noise with it. The technical DIWA Lab tests show that visible noise already plays a role at 200 ISO, which is disappointing coming from a camera in the newest generation.

Olympus Mju 9010 test
14 megapixel Olympus Mju 9010 megazoom camera
That noise can be detected so quickly is unfortunately mostly due to the persistent chase after the highest amount of pixels, which can be attributed to Olympus’ marketing department. The Olympus Mju 9010 is, just like other compact cameras, equipped with a very small image sensor. Squeeze 14 million pixels in there, and you get into trouble when it comes to reducing noise. The Olympus Mju 9010 is, unfortunately, a good example of this.

Mju 9010 review
Olympus Mju 9010 Olympus Mju 9010
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