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Olympus Mju 9010 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus Mju 9010 digital camera review : Olympus Mju 9010’s compact design does not betray its optical zoom performance. That is precisely this mega zoom camera’s spearhead. It is small and light enough to put in your pocket and it is equipped with a large focal range with which you can achieve large distances. Competitor Panasonic has had much success and received much praise in the past few years with their version of the mega zoom camera, so it was not surprising that the other manufacturers have also added to this popular segment.

14 megapixel Olympus Mju 9010 megazoom camera
It is strange to discover that this small camera has an image sensor with a resolution of 14 Megapixels. In comparison with the current line of Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds system cameras, the Olympus Mju 9010 is at the top of the list with the most amount of pixels. Does that actually make the camera better? No, of course not, but the marketing department is always prone to surpassing their competitors, such as the 14 million pixels.

Olympus Mju 9010 for photo and video recording
But it’s not only the marketing slogans that the Olympus Mju 9010 boasts; it actually has significant improvements and additions. For example, the replacement of xD Picture with an SD / SDHC card, finally!
Or the built-in filters, copied from the Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras that have successfully integrated a set of creative filters into the camera system. Other remarkable features are the High Definition video-recording function with HDMI support. Another unique feature is the built-in photo album of 2GBs, which is ideal for storing files, even if only temporarily.

Olympus Mju 9010 zoom lens and 2.7" display
The format of the Olympus Mju 9010 has pretty much remained unchanged in comparison with its predecessor. Also the focal range with 10x optical zoom, equivalent to 28 - 280mm, has remained the same. Although, the competition is showing that they are even taking it a step further, and with 12x optical zoom (25-300 mm) is managing to get even more out of the compact design. Olympus has, on the other hand, held back a bit. The display on the back of the camera has a modest format of 2.7 inches and a resolution of 230.000 pixels.

Olympus Mju 9010 review
The amount of buttons has decreased a bit and the whole lay-out is a bit simpler. I personally find that to be an improvement, as I wasn’t that charmed by the sleek, angular outline of the previous camera. The back of the Olympus Mju 9010 is very simple, which the camera emanates. In practice, it works very pleasantly. We have had the Olympus Mju 9010 in our hands and our experience can be read about in the following Olympus Mju 9010 review.

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Olympus Mju 9010

"The Olympus Mju 9010 megazoom camera is the successor to the Olympus Mju 9000, but it is also an answer to what the competition offers in terms of digital megazoom cameras. Olympus directs the Mju 9010 zoom camera especially towards the amateur or entry level photographer. The following Olympus Mju 9010 sample photos are taken in Purmerend, the Netherlands."

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Olympus Mju 9010 | Digital Camera

  Olympus Mju 9010
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