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Sony NEX-5 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Sony NEX-5 system camera has space for two memory cards in the battery compartment. It is not a double card slot, as you can’t put two cards in at the same time, but SD/SDHC and Memory Stick Duo format memory cards are both supported. Also the newest generation cards, SDXC, are accepted by the Sony NEX-5. In practice, this means that at this moment there is a maximum of 64GB of storage capacity available, and in the coming years this will expand to a maximum of 2TB for the SDXC memory card. With such support, storage capacity is guaranteed.
Sony NEX-5 | Digital Camera Sony NEX-5 | Digital Camera
Sony NEX-5 save photo & video files
Perhaps Sony will make future NEX cameras aimed at the serious photographer equipped with a double card slot. Such a specification is especially handy and practical. You could save RAW and JPEG files separately, or use one card as an automatic back-up. And what about the possibility of saving video and photo separately? Now, when you have photo and video on one card, and want to show this, the camera’s menu should make it clear which one of the two is shown, but apparently it is difficult to show both in the same mode?

Considering a storage capacity of 16GB:
14 Megapixel resolution - 4594x3056 - 3:2 - JPEG - Standard - 3626
14 Megapixel resolution - 4594x3056 - 3:2 - JPEG - Fine - 2569 pictures
14 Megapixel resolution - 4594x3056 - 3:2 - RAW&JPEG - 745 pictures
14 Megapixel resolution - 4594x3056 - 3:2 - RAW - 1054 pictures
Video resolution AVCHD - 1920x1080 - 1 hour 58 min 50 sec
Video resolution MP4 - 1440x1080 - 2 hours 52 min 30 sec

Sony NEX camera test
Sony NEX-5 equipped with USB 2.0 Interface
The side of the Sony NEX-5 camera carries a USB 2.0 Hi Speed interface, which lets you quickly transfer a full memory card of 16GB to the desktop or notebook. Personally, I detest having to fiddle with cables and I prefer the optional card reader. Then it is just a matter of removing the card from the camera and transferring your files through the card reader. The advantage is the fact you can use the camera whilst transferring and it saves battery capacity. What's more convenient is that you don't have to go looking for that one cable you need…

Sony NEX-5 fed by an NP-FW50 Li-Ion battery
The Sony NEX-5 system camera is fed by an NP-FW50 1080mAh Li-Ion battery. According to the CIPA standard measuring method, which moreover generally differs from the circumstances under which the average user photographs, a fully charged battery delivers enough energy for about 330 shots. Our experience is that we could take about 280-300 shots with one battery in sunny circumstances, for which little or no flash was used. That in itself is a pretty good average, but whoever expects to photograph more than that and doesn’t have the possibility to recharge the battery in the meantime, should bring along an extra battery.

Sony NEX charger
Sony NEX-5 Sony NEX-5
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