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Sony NEX-5 Digital camera review | Introduction
Sony NEX-5 system camera review : Following Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung, Sony has also joined the road of the small system cameras. The interest in such compact camera systems is big, but strangely enough, the answer to this success was a long time coming by big names such as Canon, Nikon and Sony. We had to wait until the start of this year, when Sony showed the press a prototype camera, and then we knew that also Sony had joined the party. The expectations of what Sony was to produce were also big; in any case, it had to make us forget about the previous small camera systems. With the introduction of the new Sony NEX-5 and NEX3 cameras, Sony has, at least, made a good first impression. Time for a detailed review of the current top model: the Sony NEX-5.

Sony NEX-5 lightest and most compact system camera
The Sony NEX-5 is a very compactly designed system camera, which falls under the Alpha system with the name NEX. The Sony NEX-5’s dimensions and weight are very compact and grant it the title as the world’s lightest and most compact system camera. The most important mission of the NEX system is to produce a camera with the characteristics of a compact, but with the quality of a digital SLR. The disappearance of the mirror gives the designers space to thoroughly tackle the existing DSLR design and with the Sony NEX-5, they have been quite successful. Almost nothing will remind the user of the Alpha DSLR, with the exception of the changeable lens.

14 megapixel Sony NEX-5 camera
Compared with the Micro Four Thirds System, the Sony NEX-5 distinguishes itself with a bigger image sensor and a higher resolution. The newly designed 14.2 Megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor has the same format as that of the current Alpha DSLR camera, with the exception of the Alpha 900 and 850 cameras (35mm format). The size of the image sensor is the advantage of the Sony NEX-5 camera. The Sony NEX-5 supports the recording of 1080i AVCHD video and has taken over different innovative features of the Alpha DSLR, such as Sweep panorama and Auto Dynamic range. A unique feature of Sony’s is the so-called 3D Panorama Sweep, in which the Panorama mode is used to create a 3D image that can then be viewed in 3D on a BRAVIA 3D LCD.

E-mount for the Sony NEX5
Although the Sony NEX-5 falls under the Alpha system, the camera does not use the same Alpha mount. A new format for the mount has been developed, the E-mount, and accompanying newly developed lenses. A special optional adapter makes it possible to combine existing Alpha lenses, although the autofocus can then no longer be activated. With the new Sony NEX-5, the first new E-lenses have also been developed and made available; a standard 18-55mm f/3.5-6.3 lens with Optical SteadyShot, a 16mm pancake lens and an 18-200mm tele lens.

Sony NEX-5 review including a technical DIWA Labs test
The Sony NEX-5 will be available worldwide in June in different kit compositions. Since the preview of the prototype in February at the PMA 2010, the progress has been quick, and it is surprising that Sony will have the Sony NEX-5 in stores far before the start of the IFA and Photokina. We were able to test the Sony NEX-5 for a while on practical as well as technical aspects in our DIWA lab on Madeira. The theory and practice form a balanced end result for the following Sony NEX-5 review.

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Sony NEX

"The Sony NEX-5 is a 14.2 Megapixel system camera, Sony’s first camera without a mirror. In fact, Sony is following the path that was first laid out by Panasonic and Olympus with their Micro Four Thirds System. We went out with a Sony NEX-5 in the beautiful surroundings of the seaport Split and Trogir, Croatia."

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Sony NEX-5 | Digital Camera

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