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Nikon D3s Camera review | Storage and Energy
A fast DSLR like the Nikon D3s requires a lot from the battery and the speed at which the images are stored. The Nikon D3s digital SLR camera easily meets those requirements. The EN-EL4 battery is used, just like in the D3, which has a long life. The CompactFlash format is used to store the pictures, and the UDMA6 is also standard supported. And it is fast, very fast.
Nikon D3s | Digital Camera Nikon D3s | Digital Camera
Fast SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card
To be able to fully use UDMA, you have to use the right memory cards. The new SanDisk Extreme Pro are ideal for that matter. These work excellently together with the Nikon D3s, this is what I experienced in the test in practice. You can really just keep on shooting without paying too much attention to a buffer. If you work with slower cards, but in the fastest shooting mode, you are likely to bump into a full buffer.

Nikon D3s offers place to two CompactFlash cards
Especially at sports matches, where you are likely to take many pictures, you can never have enough memory on you. Therefore, it is ideal to be able to insert two CompactFlash cards into the D3s. It includes full choice of how you are going to use the cards. JPEG on one and RAW on the other belongs to the possibilities, or the same picture on both cards, or the second card to be used when the first one is full. It gives you the perfect freedom, and that is exactly how it should be. Since the Nikon D3s is a camera for photographers that are used to shooting enormous amounts of pictures, I suggest you don't cut out on the cards. The following table shows how many images fit onto a 4GB card.

Considering 4GB of storage capacity:
RAW (NEF) - 12 bits - lossless - 4256x2832 - 11.3MB - 202 pictures
RAW (NEF) - 14 bits - lossless - 4256x2832 - 14.3MB - 155 pictures
RAW (NEF) - 12 bits - compressed - 4256x2832 - 10.1MB - 277 pictures
RAW (NEF) - 14 bits - compressed - 4256x2832 - 12.6MB - 229 pictures
RAW (NEF) - 12 bits - non compressed - 4256x2832 - 19.1MB - 202
RAW (NEF) - 14 bits - non compressed - 4256x2832 - 24.9MB - 155

TIFF - Large - 4256x2832 pixels - 36.1MB - 107 pictures
TIFF - Medium - 3184x2120 pixels - 36.1MB - 107 pictures
TIFF - Small - 2128x1416 pixels - 9.1MB - 423 pictures

JPEG - Fine - Large - 4256x2832 pixels - 5.9MB - 559 pictures
JPEG - Fine - Medium - 3184x2120 pixels - 3.3MB - 995 pictures
JPEG - Fine - Small - 2128x1416 pixels - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Large - 4256x2832 pixels - 2.9MB - 1000 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Medium - 3184x2120 pixels - 1.7MB - 1900 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Small - 2128x1416 pixels - 0.8MB - 4100 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Large - 4256x2832 pixels - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Medium - 3184x2120 pixels - 0.9MB - 3600 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Small - 2128x1416 pixels - 0.4MB - 7800 pictures
Nikon D3s photo files ; JPG, RAW en TIFF
As you can see, there is a wide choice of storage formats. Striking is the ability to shoot in TIFF. I don't really see why this could be an advantage. RAW seems to me the most suitable format, since it lets you edit in Nikon Capture NX2 or in Adobe programs without a problem. Working with 14-bit RAW slows the Nikon D3s down, and I think this only makes sense if you really want to get the most out of it. As for me, I worked with uncompressed 12-bit RAW files, which are just fine.

Transfer files with a high speed
The Nikon D3s DSLR camera has been equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. It transfers pictures at a high speed. The speed of the Nikon D3s is stable and fast. If you want to make things simple for yourself, and don't want the hassle of working with a cable all the time, you might want to purchase a fast USB 2.0 High Speed card reader, which does not require connecting the camera. It's fast, easy and saves battery capacity.

Nikon D3s camera test

Nikon D3s uses a 2500mAh En-EL4a battery
When it comes to the camera's power, the 2500mAh En-EL4a battery is used, which is the same one as in the Nikon D3 and D3x. This battery has a very long lifespan, you can shoot a couple of thousand of pictures on one battery load. Naturally, this also depends on the weather, whether or not you use image stabilization, and how often you use the monitor on the back of the camera. Nikon claims over 4,000 pictures in its specifications, but that seems a bit too much. I have certainly did not reach this amount with one battery charge. However, I did record videos regularly. A minimum amount of 2000 pictures should be no problem, and that is a great achievement.
Nikon D3s Nikon D3s
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