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Nikon D3s Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D3s digital SLR camera review : For a long time, Nikon users had been eyeing Canon with a slight degree of envy. Canon’s top models suffer less from noise. As a result, a group of photographers actually made the switch to Canon. That is; until Nikon introduced the D3. Thanks to this camera, Nikon got right back on track, and regained the position that had been theirs for so long: at the top of the list, and first choice for most photojournalists. The D3 performs very well at high ISOs, is fast and has a great autofocus. This made photographers decide to return to Nikon. Granted, perhaps with a bit of help from the autofocus problem of the EOS-1D Mark III, but still, mainly thanks to its superb quality.

Sensitivity of the Nikon D3s SLR
There is not much to comment about when it comes to the Nikon D3, however, Nikon has yet again updated the model. Most striking is the increase in sensitivity. The default sensitivity of the Nikon D3s ranges up to ISO 12,800, and using Hi3, an ISO equivalent of a staggering 102,400 can be reached. The number can already hardly be pronounced, let alone that you can actually imagine how sensitive it is. It's only a few years ago that it was considered a miracle if you were able to take pictures at ISO 1600, and in the film era, ISO 800 was in fact the limit.

Easy to photograph high speeds with the Nikon D3s
The high ISO values are certainly not just marketing talk. Although at the same time, marketing departments are of course happy to have a new figure that stands for: 'more is better'. The Megapixel Race now gives way to the ISO-race, or so it seems. However, this race comes with actual benefits for the photographer, while it enables shooting in low light conditions without the risk of motion blur or having to work with small depth of field. This is a blessing, for example, to sports photographers covering Formula 1. In the Far East, these races gradually more often take place at night, so that the Western viewer can watch the race at a decent time. The high speed of racing cars requires slow shutter speeds, which is why high sensitivity comes in handy in low light.

Nikon D3s dSLR equipped with 720p video function
The high sensitivity is not the only thing that has changed on the Nikon D3s compared to the D3. The Nikon D3s now offers video capture. As goes for all Nikon models, the format is not 1080p, but the smaller 720p. This does put the D3s one small step behind its major rival, however, since many of the recorded videos are shown on the Internet, it should not be much of a problem. Filming is possible even at the highest sensitivities.

Live View feature on the Nikon D3s digital reflex camera
In order to facilitate filming, a dedicated Live View button has been added to the Nikon D3s. This is also useful if you want to shoot using Live View. For those who like to work with D-Lighting, more options have become available. Also afterwards, the RAW Capture NX2 software can be used. Since recently, this program also works with Snow Leopard. An important step forward is the built-in dust reduction. At four frequencies, dust is shaken off the sensor.

Nikon D3s review
Another useful change is the silent mode of the camera. The shutter sound is muted, making the camera less noisy. This happens at the expense of the frame rate, but is great if you, for example, have to work in a theater. For sports photographers, an extra 1.2x crop has been added. It will leave you with 8.4 megapixels and a bit more zoom. We had the Nikon D3s in our possession for some time, so that we could test the camera, and the results can be read in the following Nikon D3s review.

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Nikon D3s

"I am talking about the Nikon D3s, Nikon's solution for the sports photographer. A vastly improved SLR camera, thanks to the feedback that came from many professional photographers! Time to start working with the Nikon D3s during the European Nikon Event, held in Scotland, St. Andrews."

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Nikon D3s | Digital Camera

  Nikon D3s
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