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Digital Camera Specifications

Olympus FE-5020 Camera review | Camera
The Olympus FE-5020 digital camera features a compact size and a light weight, which makes it a perfect combination to carry with you at all times. The camera resembles a chunky mobile phone. This is caused by the 5x optical zoom that needs slightly more room to fit into the housing. And that is precisely the main difference between a compact camera and a mobile phone: the lack of an optical zoom lens.
Olympus FE-5020 | Digital Camera Olympus FE-5020 | Digital Camera
Olympus FE-5020 digital camera body
The Olympus FE5020 has a fresh design and is available in various colors, depending on the area. The housing features silver-colored lines dominating the front and top side of the design. The 5x optical wide-angle zoom stands out on the front and has a range of 24-120 mm (35mm equivalent). A small thin flash is fully incorporated into the sleek design on the left side of the lens. The tiny hole left of the lens, provides sound recordings.

Olympus FE5020 battery & memory compartment
The bottom of the camera features a universal tripod mount in the center. Once the camera is mounted, it is not possible to open the cover of the battery and memory card compartment. However, we don't think it likely to place the Olympus FE-5020 on a tripod. A Li-Ion battery serves as energy source, while an xD memory card is available as storage medium.

Olympus review
Olympus is slowly but surely becoming the only brand supporting the xD card, since its ally, Fujifilm, has recently fully switched to SD and SDHC memory cards.

Olympus FE-5020 LCD monitor
The side of the camera the photographer will see most of, consists mainly of the LCD monitor with a number of sleek buttons positioned in a group. Every button features a transparent layer on the top, which makes them come across as a transparent cube. The multi-controller features a white layer underneath the transparent material, ensuring the button is more visible in low light. Alas, the blue colored symbols are less visible in those circumstances. There have been complaints about this issue for years now, and Olympus simply keeps ignoring the calls of the photographers. The top of the Olympus FE-5020 features only two buttons; the on/off switch and the shutter release. It really fits perfectly in the camera's sleek design.

Olympus camera software
Olympus FE-5020 Olympus FE-5020
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