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Ricoh CX1 Camera review | Control
The Ricoh CX1 provides a good hand-fit. The small edge and the rubber coating on the back certainly add to this. Even though the buttons are small, they are easy to operate. However, people with slightly bigger fingers may encounter some difficulty to operate it all. Ricoh had to compromise, since there is simply not a lot of room on a small camera such as the CX1. It's just a matter of getting used to.
Ricoh CX1 | Digital Camera Ricoh CX1 | Digital Camera
Ricoh CX1 programs
Starting up the camera happens fairly quickly, although not as fast as a DSLR. However, for a compact camera with a lens that has to extend, it is not bad at all. Zooming is a bit jerky and it is not possible to frame precisely. There are just not enough stops available. The button on top of the camera lets you select the program you want to shoot in. In addition to the famous green and scene modes, you will also find an MY1 and MY2 mode to program your favorite modes. Personally, I think this is a very pleasant function, and I immediately dedicated the two modes and ignored the green mode completely. In the priority modes, there is a lot you can program, such as, for instance, the zoom mode. If you want to take pictures with high dynamic range or a continuous frame speed, you can also adjust this on the command dial. You will find several setting options in the menu for these modes. You could opt to store in MY1 and MY2 again, although that doesn't seem to make much sense.

Ricoh CX1 settings
The Ricoh CX1 features a wealth of possibilities, which usually means a complicated operating menu. However, Ricoh has kept it as simple as possible by only providing two tabs. One for shooting settings and one for general settings. However, unfortunately it does not become any clearer; I frequently searched intensively for a certain function; actually scrolling past it in the process, again and again. A few more Tabs would perhaps do the trick. The settings for dynamic range and the number of frames captured per second are only visible if the command dial is set to the specific mode. This might be favorable, since you don't get distracted by settings you cannot select at that time anyway.
Ricoh CX1 joystick
It is important to remember there is a joystick available. Pressing it makes you enter a quick menu in which the white balance, the sensitivity and quality can be selected. This works fine. The joystick however, is rather sensitive, which is why you end up somewhere else in the (quick) menu at times instead of where you actually want to be. What's handy is the programmable Fn button. I dedicated the exposure lock to it, which seemed to me the most practical function for this button. Finally, I'd like to compliment Ricoh on the digital leveler they have equipped the Ricoh CX1 with. It is a simple function, but works ever so well in practice. I can hardly do without it!

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Ricoh CX1 Ricoh CX1
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