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Ricoh CX1 Digital camera review | Introduction
Ricoh CX1 digital camera review : Ricoh may not belong to the leading brands as far as sales numbers are concerned, but when it comes to innovations and originality; it certainly does. Ricoh manages to keep on surprising with remarkably unobtrusive cameras. A good example is the GR Digital series comprising of beautiful, small compact cameras with a fixed lens offering high quality and appealing to a large share of professionals. The new Ricoh CX1 aims at a different target group, yet in the same quirky way.

9 megapixel Ricoh CX1 camera
Just looking at the specifications, it may seem there is nothing particularly special about the Ricoh CX1. A 9 Megapixel camera with CMOS image sensor, 7x optical zoom, a 3 inch LCD monitor, image stabilizer and a sensitivity ranging from ISO 80 to ISO 1600. Nothing special, you'd think! But then you are overlooking the exact thing that makes the Ricoh CX1 unique. Rather than the specifications, it are the additional functions that make the Ricoh CX tower above the competition. For example, it is dead-easy to take a picture with a high dynamic range up to even 12 stops.

Ricoh CX1 camera settings
And what about a white balance that is based on the light sources of segregated areas of the image, ensuring a perfect balance? Additionally, there is the multi-pattern auto focus. This mode shoots consecutive images at seven focal distances that are automatically defined by the camera, upon which you can simply select the one you want. And for fast action photography, the camera will let you capture 120 fps with ultra-high-speed continuous shooting. Granted, in a low resolution, but that doesn’t change the fact it is still possible. The Ricoh CX1 certainly promises to be a lot of fun.

Ricoh CX1 review
We tested the Ricoh CX1 digital compact camera intensively over a longer period of time. It was even a relief to be able to shoot with a compact size camera for a change, considering the sheer digital SLR force we're encountering these days. During this extensive testing period, we were able to try out and assess all of the CX1's functions to a great extent. Our findings can be read in the following Ricoh CX1 review.

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Ricoh CX1

"Ricoh is a small player in the field of compact cameras where heavyweights like Canon, Panasonic and Sony seem to rule, Ricoh still manages to keep its brand in the limelight by introducing inventive image solutions time and time again. This also goes for the Ricoh CX1, a digital camera with a 7.1x wide angle zoom lens (28-200mm) and an incredibly large dynamic range of 12 EV."

Read more about our first impression and take a look at our Ricoh CX1 test photos.
Ricoh CX1 | Digital Camera

  Ricoh CX1
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