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Pentax K7 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Like the other models of Pentax, the K-7 also supports SD(HC) for storage. This is quite a logical decision by Pentax. Not only because it makes it easier to switch from the K20D to the K-7, but also because SDHC memory cards are easy to purchase and available in large capacities.
Pentax K7 | Digital Camera Pentax K7 | Digital Camera
Photograph in RAW format
Actually, you do need a large capacity when working with the Pentax K7. The resolution of 14 megapixels generates large files, especially if you shoot in RAW. Pentax offers two options: the Canon PEF (Pentax Electronic File) or the universal DNG (Digital NeGative). I myself have photographed mainly in DNG. PEF requires Pentax's own program for now. When making use of DNG, I don't have to wait for Adobe to come up with an update for Camera Raw or Lightroom; instead, I can instantly use my favorite RAW processing program. Another advantage of DNG is that it provides more security of being able to access your files in the future.

Pentax K7 file sizes
The number of options for file sizes is fine. Besides the two RAW formats, you can choose from four JPEG resolutions, each with four levels of compression. Of course, it is the obvious choice to work mainly in the highest resolution. After all, you can still decrease a file, while enlarging on the other hand, is a lot more difficult. If you work in JPEG, you can even cut down on the quality inside the camera if you lack storage room. I certainly would not cut back on the capacity of the card. A 2GB card seems to be the least to use, however, I would really advise you to use a 4GB memory card. Especially if you want to use the video capture option, since memory fills up very fast in that case. The following table shows how many pictures fit on a 2GB SD card.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity:
RAW - PEF - 4672x3104 pixels - 82 pictures
RAW - DNG - 4672x3104 pixels - 82 pictures
JPEG - Premium - 4672x3104 pixels - 148 pictures
JPEG - Best - 4672x3104 pixels - 238 pictures
JPEG - Better - 4672x3104 pixels - 420 pictures
JPEG - Good - 4672x3104 pixels - 830 pictures
JPEG - Premium - 3926x2624 pixels - 208 pictures
JPEG - Best - 3926x2624 pixels - 332 pictures
JPEG - Better - 3926x2624 pixels - 585 pictures
JPEG - Good - 3926x2624 pixels - 1138 pictures
JPEG - Premium - 3072x2048 pixels - 339 pictures
JPEG - Best - 3072x2048 pixels - 543 pictures
JPEG - Better - 3072x2048 pixels - 945 pictures
JPEG - Good - 3072x2048 pixels - 1807 pictures
JPEG - Premium - 1728x11528 pixels - 1041 pictures
JPEG - Best - 1728x11528 pixels - 1617 pictures
JPEG - Better - 1728x11528 pixels - 2793 pictures
JPEG - Good - 1728x11528 pixels - 5121 pictures

Video - 1536x1024 pixels - Best - 3 min 34 sec
Video - 1536x1024 pixels - Better - 5 min 16 sec
Video - 1536x1024 pixels - Good - 7 min 28 sec
Video - HD - 1280x720 pixels - Best - 4 min 48 sec
Video - HD - 1280x720 pixels - Better - 6 min 47 sec
Video - HD - 1280x720 pixels - Good - 9 min 29 sec
Video - 640x416 pixels - Best - 16 min 15 sec
Video - 640x416 pixels - Better - 22 min 45 sec
Video - 640x416 pixels - Good - 31 min 02 sec
Pentax K7 equipped with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface
The Pentax K-7 is equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface for swift and easy transfer of pictures to a computer or notebook. However, there is a downside to this transfer method. And that is the need for a separate cable. In our work environment, we only make use of a card reader. These readers are external and also available as built-in versions, while often providing support for multiple types of memory cards. Another advantage is that you no longer need to work with separate cables, and only the card is needed for data transfer. The camera itself can then be used to keep on shooting, with a different memory card inserted.

Pentax K7 Lithium-Ion accu
The Pentax K-7 uses a Lithium-Ion battery for its energy. According to the specifications, you can take approximately 980 shots without flash and about 740 pictures when using flash on half of the pictures. In practice, however, I was by no means able to reach this amount. On the contrary even, the battery-life really disappointed me. At least every two days, I had to charge the D-LI90 battery. There is the optional battery grip D-BG4, which can also take AA batteries. In the menu, you can select in which order the K7 should use the batteries.

Pentax K-7 test
Pentax K7 Pentax K7
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