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Pentax K7 Camera review | Control
Shooting with the Pentax K7 DSLR camera is a pleasure. Not all buttons were in the perfect spot for me, however, this depends very much on the photographer. Most of the memories I have of this camera, are pleasant ones, also since you can program a large amount of buttons yourself. The advantage of this option is sometimes underestimated. By applying functions to buttons yourself, you can set the camera entirely to your own preferences. So during shooting, you only have to focus on the composition, since your fingers will automatically go to the right button to change a setting.
Pentax K7 | Digital Camera Pentax K7 | Digital Camera
Focussing with the Pentax K7
One of the things I always do if available, is take the focus off the release button and pick a dedicated AF-ON button. This enables you to easily change the composition after focusing, so that the camera will not refocus. However, when it comes to the K7, the AF button is placed too close to the green button. This green button is ideal in manual exposure, since it lets you return to the program mode very fast. In semi-auto mode, like Av or TAv, the green button activates auto sensitivity. And this is something I don't want to happen. So you can either apply a different function to the green button (especially in semi-auto mode) or the buttons need to be further apart. The first solution should be easy to arrange through the firmware, so Pentax….

Pentax 18-55mm lens with integrated focus engine
Initially, I had some trouble with selecting the focus points, however, this is solved by the firmware update to 1.0.1. Focusing in itself is smooth enough. For testing the K7, I used the new kit lens, the SMC DA 18-55mm WR, which unfortunately lacks a built-in focus engine. Pentax also provides lenses with integrated focus engine, not the SDM on the lens, which makes focusing faster and more silent. However, in itself the kit lens is fine to work with.

Pentax K7 a very silent SLR camera
The sound the camera makes when taking a picture is fine, or rather; the actual absence of sound. As for previous Pentax cameras, the shutter release was usually accompanied by a piercing sound.

This is no longer the case with the Pentax K-7. The only thing you hear is a soft click, followed by a sound that briefly reminds you of winding a film. Only, very softly. Almost a joy to the ear: "The picture has been taken, it is good".

LCD monitor of the Pentax K-7
The LCD monitor on the back of the camera is a joy to work with, it provides high quality. You notice this while scrolling through the menu. I always have to get used to the Pentax menu. However, if you use the camera frequently, which is most likely for the owner of the Pentax K7, this will no longer be an issue. Most settings do not require accessing the menu. Pressing the INFO button a number of times, provides more information on the screen, or less if you like. It enables quick access to nearly all the main shooting settings. It is also very well-structured.

Pentax K7 Live View functionality
Also the viewfinder is attractive; not extremely large or bright, but good in its kind. The possibility to be able to see in the viewfinder whether or not you are keeping the camera horizontally enough, is very nice indeed. If you use Live View, from a tripod, you can rotate the sensor slightly to get the horizon leveled again. And not only that, you can also move the sensor, horizontally as well as vertically, or even both at the same time. Silly? Nope. It is an especially great feature for both macro and architectural photography. This prevents you from having to move your tripod little by little all the time. Changing the sensor's position works both faster and better. Well done, Pentax!

Pentax K7 Pentax K7
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