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Olympus Mju 9000 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus Mju 9000 digital camera review : The segment of mega zoom cameras with a compact size has always been dominated by Panasonic's TZ (Travel Zoom) series cameras. Strangely enough, Panasonic was able to carry on without interference for quite some time, whilst the competition seemed to ignore this type of camera in an almost indifferent way. The other brands already offered a mega-zoom camera with 18x zoom and larger in their assortments, so why produce another similar camera in a compact size? However, it soon became clear that Panasonic had managed to hit the right string with its TZ-series, which finally prompted other brands, including Olympus, to come into action.

Olympus Mju 9000 compact camera with 10x optical zoom lens
Sneaking a glimpse at Panasonic's success, Olympus too decided to put itself in the limelight with the introduction of the Olympus Mju 9000, which finally appeared this year. A compact-sized camera with a 10x optical zoom lens (28-280 mm, 35mm equivalent) and 12 megapixel resolution. Olympus is determined to start playing a bigger role in this segment with the Mju 9000, also known as the Olympus Stylus 9000.

Relax way of photographing with the Olympus Mju 9000
Naturally, the Olympus Mju 9000 features intelligent imaging solutions such as face detection, panorama mode, and even a mode called Beauty. An extensive automation is supposed to facilitate the life of an amateur photographer and make it a lot more pleasant. The compact dimensions in combination with a relatively low weight, results in a considerably relaxed way of photographing. The 10x zoom is supported by an image stabilization system, while the powerful TruePic III image processor ensures smooth handling of many complex algorithms.

Olympus Mju 9000 review including a technical DIWA Labs test
It is not so easy nowadays for a manufacturer to stand out from the crowd. A lot of innovative technology is available and can easily be used through a license in order to equip the camera with all sorts of useful features. Each manufacturer has to tackle high resolution; we now find that 10 megapixels are considered to be the very least, and also the issues that come with it, such as noise etc. We had the Olympus Mju 9000 in the office for a short period of time and tested the camera in practice. In addition, the Mju 9000 was also put through extensive technical tests in the DIWA test lab. Our findings can be read in the following Olympus Mju 9000 review.

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Olympus Mju 9000

"The Olympus Mju 9000 is a 12 Megapixel digital camera that has a wide 10x optical zoom (28-280mm 35mm equivalent). The camera's dimensions are pleasantly compact, making it an ideal digital camera to carry freely with you inside your trouser pocket or handbag. The following Olympus Mju 9000 test photos were taken at Sprookjeswonderland, in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands."

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Olympus Mju 9000 | Digital Camera

  Olympus Mju 9000
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