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Nikon D3000 Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D3000 SLR camera review : The launch of the Nikon D3000 was inevitable. The arrival of the D5000 had made it clear that the possibility to bring out another model ranked slightly below was still wide open. And that exact space in that particular segment, that of the entry-level digital SLR, has now been filled with the availability of the Nikon D3000. This is also the end of the D60 era, as well as that of the D40x DSLR camera which had already vanished. The Nikon D3000 takes over the position of 'ultimate' entry-level SLR.

Nikon D3000 - Digital SLR camera market
Currently, more than one thing is changing in the digital SLR market. Until recently, this market was clearly divided into three segments; amateur, semi-pro and pro, in which Canon and Nikon both ruled side by side. However, we now see new manufacturers and new products emerge. Sony has been active for several years now, and has, not entirely without success, introduced its Alpha DSLR series. It is good to have a strong competitor joining the battle, since it will also do good to development, and ultimately, the photographer will benefit from that.

Digital system cameras
In addition, the traditional DSLR as a product is facing competition in the form of a new type of camera: the system camera. In short, it is a DSLR without a mirror, enabling a much more compact build, resulting in a combination of a compact size yet retaining the quality of a DSLR. The aforementioned market leaders do not (yet) offer this type of product in their assortment, nor have they even communicated this as a possible option. Currently, Panasonic and Olympus occupy the ranks with their Micro Four Thirds system cameras, although we will get acquainted with this type of system camera from Samsung early 2010 (the Samsung NX 10).

Nikon D3000 review including a technical DIWA Labs test
Currently, these system cameras are found only in the more expensive price range, which means they are currently no competition when it comes to prices for entry-level DSLR cameras like the Nikon D3000. With 10 Megapixels resolution, a 3-inch display and a user-friendly operation, the Nikon D3000 seems to have no problems in meeting the requirements of a novice photographer. We had the opportunity to test a Nikon D3000 in practice for a while. Our findings can be read in the following Nikon D3000 review.

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Nikon D3000

"The Nikon D3000 is equipped with a modest yet sufficient resolution of 10 megapixels and has inherited techniques from the advanced D5000 and D90 cameras. We find features such as a 3-inch display and 11-point AF with 3D tracking incorporated in the D3000. The camera mainly aims at the novice and those who switch from compact cameras. The Nikon D3000 test photos were taken in Broek in Waterland, the Netherlands."

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Nikon D3000 | Digital Camera

  Nikon D3000
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